Oil & Gas

Revamp of Gas Processing Plant in Middle East

In 2018, Kelvion completed an airside revamp of an Overhead Condenser (OVHD) in a Gas Processing Plant in Middle East. The air-cooler has 10 induced fans, and the process is mainly composed of Methane (85%) and Propane (5%).

The OVHD Condenser was facing cooling capacity issues due to high ambient temperatures (52.0°C in summer) that were far above the original design (46.0°C). The process flow rate was limited to 367.2 t/h @ 49.5°C to ensure the outlet process temperature would still be below 62.5°C. The actual performance was measured and the following steps were taken to improve it.

Kelvion completed the installation and upgrade of the Propane Condenser with the following parts:
► New fan shaft with top and bottom bearings,
► New fans

This condenser was the main bottleneck of the plant, limiting the process flow rate. After upgrading the fin fan unit, new site measurements showed that airflow was increased by 53% and process flow rate was increased to 380.2 t/h @ 49.5°C with a lower outlet process temperature giving more flexibility to operate the unit during higher ambient temperatures. End-user was fully satisfied with the revamp.

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