steel mill in Northern Illinois in the US

A steel mill in Northern Illinois in the US wanted to carry out standard preventative maintenance on a Kelvion transformer oil water cooler to ensure continued optimum performance.

Pioneering double-tube safety
The equipment had been operating successfully for 22 months to cool the furnace transformer at the plant. Like all our transformer oil coolers, it is based on Kelvion’s pioneering double tube safety heat exchange technology, which continues to be at the forefront of industry standards. 
Unlike tube bundles in a single-wall design, the double-tube wall keeps the transformer oil separate from the cooling water.  In the event of a leak, the product will flow through fine ducts arranged between the double tubes into the leakage collection space and trigger a check command. As a result, the heat exchanger can continue running until the next scheduled maintenance, without risk to the environment and avoiding expensive shutdown times.

All part of the service
We offer customers a complete service for all our transformer oil cooling systems and transformer oil pumps. This includes disassembly and assembly, as well as delivery of all spare parts and accessories. Our service package is environmentally-friendly throughout, from cleaning to waste disposal. We offer water-side cleaning of heavily soiled transformer oil water coolers, saving customers time and money.
The steel mill operator has an established protocol to select original equipment providers to carry out maintenance, so our service offering was an attractive proposition for ensuring a critical operation was kept clean. This meant removing all mild scaling from the tubes and top header.
Our service technician took off the top and bottom bonnets and vertically cleaned all 76 tubes using a reciprocating low psi hydro-cleaner with a brass bristled tip. He then reassembled the unit and fitted a new gasket and rubber seal.

The result
The cleaning was achieved without any disruption to the steel mill’s operation and the transformer oil water cooler should continue to provide a long-lasting and reliable service.

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