Basic Chemicals

Safe solutions for chemical production

Basic chemicals are the building blocks for a wide range of products used in industrial processes and by the general consumer. They include sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, and chlorine. Sulfuric acid is the most extensively-produced chemical and is an essential ingredient for hundreds of compounds required by almost every industrial sector.

Basic Chemicals

A country’s consumption of H2SO4 indicates its level of industrialization. Over the last 10 years worldwide consumption has grown by 25%. About 17% of global sulfuric acid is used in 20 chemical processes, including phosphoric acid, titanium oxide, ammonium and metallurgical applications. Manufacturing basic chemicals is energy-intensive and producers face the challenges of obtaining reliable electricity supplies at competitive prices and complying with increasingly strict environmental and safety regulations.

Sulfuric acid, along with many other chemicals, is highly corrosive and requires careful handling. Any equipment that comes into contact with it must be able to withstand its corrosive effects. At Kelvion we understand the importance of selecting the right material for the task. For sulfuric acid production, we offer gasketed plate heat exchangers with special alloy materials to suit the process requirements. Plate heat exchangers provide the highest heat transfer rates and are easy to maintain.

With the right material selection for plates and gaskets, we ensure a long life cycle. Where additional safety is required, we provide laser-welded cassettes in which the critical medium flows in hermetically sealed plate gaps. Our fully welded K°Bloc is the right choice for processes using hazardous media. For example, chlorine gas from chlorine alkali electrolysis – used to produce chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide - can be safely cooled down in a K°Bloc unit. With our extensive process and engineering knowledge we ensure that customers have the right cooling or heating solution for their chemical production plants.  

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