Heat exchanger for exhaust systems

green technology for the marine industry

Air pollution from international shipping has been a growing concern. In response, in recent years the International Maritime Organization has strengthened its regulations on reducing emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides (SOx and NOx) from marine diesel engines. Kelvion is at the forefront in supplying green technology to help the marine industry to cut emissions and boost energy efficiency.

Exhaust Systems

Whatever method you use on board your vessel to reduce SOx and NOx pollution Kelvion has the right heat exchange solution. Scrubber technology relies on our compact and corrosion resistant plate heat exchangers to cool down the wash water, in a closed, open or hybrid circuit. Kelvion state-of-the-art exhaust gas recirculation coolers help to reduce the NOx footprint while sailing. Our compact and tailor-made surface condensers can easily be integrated into the ship’s hull in order to recover waste heat for running a steam turbine power generator.

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