Heat exchangers for marine on-board systems

robust and reliable in turbulent sea conditions

Heat exchangers are critical for heating and cooling a variety of media during the operation of many on-board services and systems. From supplying fresh water and air-conditioning to improving environmental performance, we have the answer. Our heat exchangers are robust and reliable, even in the most turbulent sea conditions.

On-Board Systems

Fresh water supply

Without fresh water ships would be unable to set sail. While drinking water is vital for crew and passengers, it’s also essential to have a supply of fresh water for cooling engines and other equipment. We are a leading supplier of gasketed plate heat exchangers to manufacturers of generators used to distil fresh water from sea water.

On-board HVAC/Refrigeration

The versatility of our plate heat exchangers makes them the ideal choice for many on-board services. They can be found in refrigeration units used to store and preserve food – including on most of the fishing trawler fleet – as well as swimming pool heating systems on cruise ships and in the circulation of potable water for drinking, washing and showering. Our plate heat exchanger range incorporates special safety features, including a double wall which prevents the potable water mixing with the engine cooling water. Our portfolio of brazed plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers can be found in ships’ air conditioning systems, helping to maintain a comfortable climate on board.

Deck machinery

Merchant ships, cargo and other supply vessels are often fitted with heavy-duty lifting machinery, including cranes and winches. Their many moving parts need to be lubricated with oil which, in turn, needs to be cooled with air or water to prevent friction damage to the components. Our plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers offer effective solutions and a guaranteed high performance. This technology is also used successfully for anchor handling equipment. Once cargo has been unloaded, the tanks and containers need to be cleaned. The cleaning systems, which are heated by steam or oil, are sophisticated industrial processes in themselves. Our shell and tube heat exchangers help to ensure that these systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Fluid and fuel treatment

We are a reliable partner in the quest to protect the marine environment by enabling ships to use low sulphur fuel or switch to LNG and remove pollutants from bilge water. To comply with international regulations on SOx emissions, one solution is for ships to convert to marine gas oil (MGO), which contains less sulphur than the standard heavy fuel oil. However, many marine fuel injection systems are not designed to handle the low viscosity properties of MGO. To avoid damage to the fuel injection components, MGO has to be cooled to increase its viscosity before it can be used. Our range of gasketed plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers are ideally suited to the task, playing an important role in the drive towards green propulsion. The opposite treatment is required for heavy fuel oil which has to be heated to lower its viscosity before it can be used. Our shell and tube and plate heat exchangers will ensure that the oil reaches the required level of viscosity. An alternative for reducing air pollution is to install LNG or dual fuel engines. Our heat exchange technology plays a key role in the necessary regasification process that enables the fuel to be burned. When it comes to purifying bilge water, treating sludge and recovering fuel oil for recycling, our gasketed plate heat exchangers provide essential cooling to support the separation process – further underlining our green credentials.

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