Reliable technology for optimum heat exchange

Petrochemicals, derived from petroleum or natural gas, are used to manufacture thousands of products that people use every day. They include soaps and detergents, electronics, appliances, automobiles, clothing, furniture and medicines.


One of the most important petrochemicals is styrene. Its strength and durability, matched by its versatility, makes it an essential building block for polystyrene and several specialty plastics and rubbers. Demand for styrene is expected to continue the upward trend as the world’s population increases. Almost all styrene is produced by the catalytic dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene, while 10% is synthesized via a coupling process of indirect oxidation.

Both processes rely on effective heat exchange. Kelvion’s leading design and manufacturing technologies are geared towards providing optimum heat exchange for the most demanding duties. Our range of air fin coolers, shell & tube and fully welded plate heat exchangers have proven time and again their suitability and reliability in the toughest process conditions.

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