heat exchangers for marine propulsion systems

efficient, safely and eco friendly

Most modern ships are powered by diesel/gas engines. As well as being the simplest, most robust and economic method of propulsion, they are suited to nearly all types of vessels.

Propulsion Systems

The set-up of the propulsion system depends on the vessel size, trade or type of operation. Whatever the system, the key requirements for a marine engine are reliability, economical fuel consumption, speed and long life.

Irrespective of the vessel type, Kelvion offers the right heat exchange solution to ensure that the propulsion system operates efficiently and safely and in an environmentally friendly way. Our box coolers or central plate heat exchangers, for example, cool down the closed fresh water circuits on board reliably with seawater. Diesel and gas engines are equipped with our various compact heat exchanger solutions to cool down lubrication oil, jacket water and charge air. Gears, thrusters and compressors in the engine room rely on our modular shell and tube heat exchangers.

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