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29. maggio 2013 With its ceremony in opening of the Fourteenth GEA Family and Friends vernissage on June 30, 2013, at 12:00 noon at the GEA Center on Dorstener Strasse 484 in Bochum, Germany, GEA will continue the popular tradition of offering its colleagues, their families, and friends a forum for their artistic work and for intercultural exchange.

GEA Family and Friends
Many of the artists from last year will be seen again in 2013, with their work at the GEA Center on Dorstener Strasse 484 in Bochum (Germany).

Whether abstract or naïve painting, dynamic sculptures, or critical photography: one factor unites the around 200 works of the almost 100 artists from the entire world – they all have a connection to GEA. The exhibited works are nevertheless very different. They prompt us to enjoy them or to ponder what they mean; some will put us in a cheerful mood and others, in a melancholic one. In their works, the artists reflect impressions, give a form to their dreams, or reflect what they have experienced. Often, their images open a view of another person. As patron of the exhibition, Dr. Hugo Blaum, Segment President of GEA Refrigeration Technologies, has stated: “For GEA, Family and Friends is a form of immediately experiencing corporate social responsibility. It at the same time becomes its instrument, since it brings in people: the men and women from our company – as well as the people that now or in the future will work for us and bear responsibility for our company.” This exhibition of the works of colleagues, their families, and their friends will be complemented by a special exhibition in the Bochum Conference Room. Already in recent years, the work of art students from partner schools in our Cooperative School-Business Network have been displayed there. The program of events accompanying the vernissage will be provided by the Ratz Fatz Theater Circus of the Goethe School, the choir of Otto Hahn High School, and the entertainer Peter Grimberg. In addition, no one will go hungry or thirsty. For art lovers who cannot attend the vernissage, the exhibition will remain at the GEA Center on Dorstener Strasse 484, in 44809 Bochum (Germany) from June 30 to August 30, 2013, on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No reservation or advance notice is necessary.

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