Chillers and heat pumps from the GAC and GAH range are now available with inverter compressors

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15. marzo 2013 On the occasion of ISH 2013 (in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from March 12 to 16, 2013, in Hall 11.0, Stand B91), GEA will present further-developed systems in the GEA GAC and GAH range. These air-cooled GAC chillers and GAH heat pumps are now equipped with inverter compressors. As improvement over their predecessor ranges, these new developments – thanks to their one or two integrated DC inverter scroll compressors – are highly energy-efficient, especially in their relevant partial-load operational ranges.


In their rating classes, they achieve exceptional ESEER values, up to 4.8, and thereby reduce operational costs, amortization times, and CO2 emissions. Additional benefits of this new inverter compressor technology include more exact temperature control, continuously variable regulation of compressor speed, and – as a result – longer service life. By virtue of the inverters, the soft-start function is already integrated and does not require selection as an option. Thanks to their inverters, both system variants – the GAC chillers and the GAH heat pumps – require no or only small buffer tanks. In heat pump operations, air-intake temperatures down to -15 °C are possible. Since the hydraulic connection of these new inverter-controlled systems is the same as that in the predecessor range, design of the water cycle can take place as usual. These new compact units are available as chillers and heat pumps, each in seven capacity ratings from 16 to 75 kW of cooling/heating duty, with or without an integrated pump. In their standard models, they can be installed either outdoors or indoors via duct connection.
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