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28. giugno 2012 <i>MAXX</i> HG range are not only compact, but – thanks to their optimized components – are also extremely efficient.

The new GEA Multi MAXX HG gas unit heater, here with the optional secondary-air louver.
The new GEA Multi MAXX HG gas unit heater, here with the optional secondary-air louver.

With only two model sizes in two performance variations, with heating duty between 15 and 65 kW, these multifunctional units can be effectively used for an extensive spectrum of heating requirements. The premix burner installed in the units can be operated, as desired, with all types of natural gas (I2R) or with propane-butane mixtures (I3R). An authorized testing agency has certified these units for use in all EU markets. Typical areas of application include industrial, production, and warehousing halls, as well as exhibition and sales rooms. A key element in these new gas unit heaters is the new energy-efficient, fully automatic premix gas pressure burner, which is controlled via signals with 0 – 10 V = 10 – 100 %. Thanks to the effective premixing of the air with gas, the units are classified as NOx Class 4. As a result, the unit heaters achieve efficiency of up to 97.5 %. The newly developed high-performance heat exchanger furthermore assures optimal heat transfer between the combustion chamber and the air flow to be heated.
The GEA MultiMAXX HG is equipped as standard with two-speed fans, which provide air flow up to 10,500 m³/h. Sickle-blade fans are used especially for mixed-air applications to satisfy increased pressure and noise-control requirements. As alternative, wide-blade fans are available for simple circulating-air uses. These gas unit heaters can be controlled either individually or in a group. The option for group control is especially effective for operation of several GEA MultiMAXX HG units in large hall buildings, since this enables control of up to ten units. The sensors installed in the control system enable especially energy-saving operation, since they lower the burner to minimal heating duty once the required temperature has been achieved. In comparison to conventional one- or two-stage burner models, the GEA MultiMAXX HG accordingly enables significant lowering of heating costs. In addition, it is possible with the mixed-air units to control the units to provide constant supply-air temperature. With this mode of operation, the burner automatically increases or reduces its output in accordance with the intake-air temperature. GEA MultiMAXX HG models can be installed on ceilings or on walls, as required. Numerous accessories are available for intake-air and filter modules, air outlets, and exhaust-gas lines. A secondary-air louver is also available as an option for fast and energy-efficient heating of the unit environment.
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