Corrosion-resistant and robust: the VacInox brazed stainless steel plate heat exchangers from Kelvion

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14. ottobre 2016 With its VacInox plate heat exchanger series, Kelvion satisfies the strictest requirements for applications involving potable water supplies and industrial processes.

The VacInox plate heat exchanger series
The VacInox plate heat exchanger series

The rugged connections of their stainless steel plates enable compact design and great corrosion resistance. The brazing filler material used, especially developed by Kelvion, contains no non-ferrous materials, which means that VacInox plate heat exchangers are effectively used for strict requirements with respect to high temperatures and pressures up to 35 bar. The materials used allow heat exchanger use with potable water, aggressive media, or highly corrosive or demineralized water. VacInox plate heat exchangers are available in various plate sizes and model versions. The medium-sized and larger series (400, 500, 700, and 800) are also available for selection with the Delta InjectionTM system for optimized injection of refrigerant. The smaller to medium sizes are available with the Full-Flow System™, which acts against freeze-up in the flow tunnels. Possible application areas extend throughout uses in potable water installations, laser cooling, district heating systems, and evaporators and condensers in ammonia systems. If requested, the plate heat exchangers can be provided with fittings on the rear side for flushing and venting.

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