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05. settembre 2012 Trends are definitely moving toward effective mobile solutions to make liquefied natural gas (LNG) readily available all over the world. Natural gas is liquefied to save space and make it easier to transport to the customer. Special tank ships are used to transport LNG across the oceans. GEA provides effective products for natural gas liquefaction and regasification. Laser-welded cassettes (LWC) and the especially robust GEABloc ensure – not only on land, but also on board – that no problems occur in the compression, cooling, and regasification of liquefied cargo.

Plate heat exchangers for LNG
Plate heat exchangers for LNG

At the international SMM trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery, and marine technology, the leading fair for the maritime industry, GEA will present for the first time in a new enclosure one of its high-performance plate heat exchangers. GEA LWC, laser-welded cassettes, intended for employment in refrigeration systems, have been further optimized with respect to the special requirements placed by the oil and gas industry – particularly in offshore applications. Use of these cassettes ensures that gas producers and shipbuilders can successfully enter new markets, and that they can guarantee the ready availability of liquefied natural gas.

Floating storage and regasification units – or FSRUs, as LNG tankers with integrated regasification facilities are called – enhance mobility and flexibility in a swiftly growing sector. GEA anticipated this trend as well as global gas availability at an early date and reacted promptly with the right products. Wherever LNG is unloaded: GEA plate heat exchanger solutions are already on board or are ready for use. Have no doubt – thanks to the tightly meshed GEA after-sales & service network, top-class and highly qualified experts are ready around the world and around the clock. GEA customers profit from the synergism of a corporate group that is active all over the globe and that provides technicians who take care of plate heat exchangers of all types and from all manufacturers.

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GEA Ecoflex GmbH
Julian Peschel
Karl-Schiller-Strasse 1-3 – 31157 Sarstedt
Tel.: +49 (0)5066 601 170

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