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15. ottobre 2012 <i>Multi</i>-DENCO® range of precision climate-control units will replace the old Denco T and E ranges. In its precision climate-control field, <i>Multi</i>-DENCO® will be available in various model sizes, with 5 kW up to a maximum of 130 kW cooling duty. These units operate with the refrigerant R410A and, under typical conditions, operate with a sensible heat ratio (SHR) of 1. This signifies that <i>Mult</i>i-DENCO® units can cool the air without at the same time dehumidifying it. In the recirculating-air mode of operation the units control air conditions at a stable level of ± 1 K and ± 5 % relative humidity. The possibilities of employing the units extend from computer centers and machine rooms with intensive production of exhaust heat, to measuring laboratories and art museums – for which not only a standard temperature but also constant relative humidity are critical.

The GEA Multi-DENCO® precision climate-control unit
The GEA Multi-DENCO® precision climate-control unit

The enhanced energy efficiency in GEA Multi-DENCO® precision climate-control units is achieved first by an optimized configuration of heat exchangers and fans as primary components – for which the circulated air must overcome less air resistance in the unit. Second, the heat exchanger has greater dimensions. The resulting large air volume is likewise responsible for the stability achieved in temperature control. The inverter drive, which controls the refrigeration compressor variably and steplessly, adapts the unit output to the cooling demand – which results in high energy efficiency, especially in partial-load operation. The units from the GEA Multi-DENCO® range are equipped with EC fans that feature very low power consumption. Since the units operate especially energy-efficiently under partial load, they are ideally suited as standby redundant systems.

The Multi-DENCO® range, all models of which are otherwise identical, offers five different cooling systems. The range will be launched in winter 2012/2013 with the Version A, which operates with an air-cooled condenser. Version C will be water-cooled, and Version X will be equipped with a split direct evaporator. All three versions can be retrofitted with an additional cold-water heat exchanger to provide the CombiCool version. The water-cooled Version W can be expanded to a Version F by adding a free-cooling function. These Multi-DENCO® versions will be introduced to the market, one after the other, beginning in 2013.

Die Multi-DENCO® precision climate-control units will be available in various model sizes for a range of different room concepts. For all versions, the units reach a height of just under 2.0 m, and the footprint will range from 60 x 60 to 88 x 338 cm, depending on the model.

An overview of GEA Multi-DENCO® climate-control unit versions

Version A operates without water, but with a refrigerant cycle. As a result of its comparatively low installation and investment costs, it is particularly interesting for machine and server rooms, small- to middle-sized computer centers, and installations with short and medium-length piping.

Version C, with cold-water cooling and without a refrigerating compressor, has been designed for medium-sized and large computer centers and for installations with long pipe lengths. In combination with GEA chillers with free-cooling function, Version C is especially interesting owing to its favorable energy consumption.

Unlike Version A, Version X features an external air-cooled condenser unit. It is most suitable in rooms where quiet is important for people working: for example, in measuring labs.

Versions A, X, and C can be upgraded by adding a chilled-water cooling coil to form a CombiCool system. The benefit of the CombiCool version is redundancy with a small footprint. In addition, the second chilled-water cooling coil can also be used as a secondary free-cooling coil to save energy and for use under peak-load conditions.

The water-cooled Version W with refrigeration compressor is especially effective for machine and server rooms, small- to medium-sized computer centers, and installations with long piping – because all DENCO precision climate-control units can be connected to one pipe network.

Version F (AmbiCool), with free cooling, offers a second heat exchanger in addition to a refrigerant cycle. It is especially intended for applications in which operating costs play a key role. From an overall standpoint, Version F offers considerable energy-saving potential with respect to Version W. Combination operation – i.e., free cooling plus compression refrigeration – becomes possible as soon as water or a glycol-water mixture is provided at 1 K below the required temperature. When outdoor temperatures are low, operation of a refrigeration compressor is often unnecessary – with a corresponding reduction in compressor operating time.

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