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13. giugno 2012 At the Power Gen Europe 2012 trade fair GEA demonstrates an innovative suction filter system: the GEA Delbag Pulse FilterCube. This involves a system of filter modules that can be supplied factory-assembled, which clearly simplifies transportation, packaging and on-site assembly. The pre-assembled units have been specially designed for container shipment.

Filter Cubes
Filter Cubes

The GEA Delbag Pulse FilterCube comprises the pulse filter cartridge unit with compressed air cleaning and ready-wired solenoid valves including all control equipment required for the cleaning process. Humidity and moisture are avoided using weather protection hoods with integrated droplet separators. Depending on the actual intake air volume at the location any number of these pulse filters can be installed either on top of each other or in a side-by-side arrangement. Specific connectors ensure simple joining of the units, similar to modular building blocks.

The FilterCube can be used as an intake air filter in industrial plants and power stations as well as upstream of gas turbines and compressors to efficiently clean the intake air even with a high dust load prevailing for example in arid regions. The dust particles are separated off on the surface of the filter medium and the resulting dust cake is efficiently removed online by the pulse-jet cleaners using compressed air in counterflow.
GEA Air Treatment GmbH / Zweigniederlassung GEA Delbag Lufttechnik
Mark Grochowski
Südstraße 48 – 44625 Herne
Tel: +49 2325 468 700

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