New fill pack solutions for cooling towers minimize fouling risk and achieve great efficiency

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04. giugno 2013 The new GEA 2H CLEANdek KV619 cooling tower fill packs were designed for application in counterflow wet cooling towers. As a result of the open structure with vertical channels, they offer very little resistance to air flow – which enhances the efficiency of the entire recooling process. In addition, the microstructure of the surface assures an optimal water film and thereby supports effective heat transfer.


CLEANdek KV619 is furthermore characterized by improved solids discharge at low pressure drop. In addition to pressure-drop optimization, the design also ensures minimal deposition and clogging. This benefit reduces the risks of rotting and growth of fungi and bacteria. The fill pack is accordingly highly effective for most water characteristics. These advantages are based on the novel surface geometry, which was developed with the aid of numerical flow mechanics. The fill packs are available in various polypropylene qualities – including a flame-retarding version – in lengths up to three meters. In addition, the KVC619 offers a PVC variant. The extremely high quality of the welding process assures fill packs with great structural stability.
Sales contact:
GEA Heat Exchangers
GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH
Karin Henning
Kalscheurener Str. 92
50354 Huerth, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)2233 6999 525

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