Kelvion Select RT

Five simple steps to finding the right solution for your application

Kelvion has launched a new selection tool to help customers find the right refrigeration technology (RT) for their operational needs – all from one place. Kelvion Select RT is optimized around the latest and most comprehensive thermodynamic modelling. This provides customers with complete live calculations of their operational conditions so that they can identify for themselves the best solution to suit their application. If required, Kelvion’s expert team will still be available to help or make the selections on the customer’s behalf or make refinements at any stage. The software will be continuously updated with more products, features and options, underlining the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. It is the first major step in creating a digital roadmap that aims to empower customers and improve their overall experience.

Kelvion Select RT

Kelvion has launched a new selection tool to help customers find the right refrigeration technology (RT) for their operational needs – all from one place

Step 1: System Selection.

  • Choose from the wide range of  Kelvion RT product systems which are shown in one place.
  • Balance your gas coolers with the best air coolers, or select standalone heat exchangers for the application.
  • Here you will also find regular updates and news as we continue to optimize  the software,  and, of course, release new product and technology through our extensive innovation programme.

Step 2: Parameters

  • Entering your selection criteria is simpler than ever with the structured user interface
  • It contains the capacity ranges for all applications, a dynamic refrigeration library with the most up-to-date working fluids and also the possibility to select models directly and go straight to the unit you want.
  • Structured drop downs for application-specific refinement, allow you to define operating parameters and  materials or fix selection constraints.

Step 3: Product Ranges

  • All ranges in one place for the first time! Clear visuals help you to select from a targeted product family.
  • Or you can  select from all products and the best model for your solution will come out top, based upon your defined operating parameters.

Step 4: Product Selection

  • Product selection is where our years of R&D work come into their own, with live thermodynamic calculations, all test validated in Kelvion laboratories. Our in-house calculation module offers the highest accuracy, ensuring you get the capacity you require.
  • The list of options can be filtered according to  your highest priority, defaulting to offer the best value product fed from your input criteria. 100 years of heat exchange expertise have been built into this selection tool, to help you choose the best product for the application.

Step 5: Product Detail

  • This final step shows  all the extra details associated with the model that you have selected.
  • We can also fine tune  the selection criteria and recalculate on this model should you wish to complete application profiling across a range of conditions, with a model optimised for your existing standard conditions.
  • Extras can also be added now and comparisons made. Your request will then be directed for final quotation and details of delivery.

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