Lean Line

Standardized Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger available within 5 Days

With a clear focus on standardized HVAC and industrial heating and cooling applications, the Lean Line range of gasketed plate heat exchangers offers fast delivery and low first cost in combination with our proven Kelvion quality. Kelvion’s gasketed plate heat exchangers are expertly engineered and manufactured for peak performance. We deliver tailor-made solutions for standardized cooling applications providing a rapid availability. Our Lean Line range of gasketed plate heat exchangers are available with stainless steel plates, NBR gaskets and a standard frame configuration. As we carry out a thermodynamic and hydraulic design of each lean line heat exchanger, customers will receive their product solution with maximum precision, meeting exactly process requirements such as temperature profile and pressure drop.



► District heating

► General industrial cooling applications

► District cooling

► Fast replacement solution
► Heating & cooling of buildings► Surface treatment
► Air conditioning► Cooling of machine oil
► Potable water heating► Cooling of grinder coolant
► Swimming pool heating► Cooling of hydraulic oil
► Heat pumps► Combined heat & power systems
► Solarthermal heating 


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