Potable Water

Without fresh water ships would be unable to set sail. While drinking water is vital for crew and passengers, it’s also essential to have a supply of fresh water for cooling engines and other equipment. Kelvion is a leading supplier of gasketed plate heat exchangers to manufacturers of generators used to distil fresh water from sea water.

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Kelvion in potable water applications

The versatility of our plate heat exchangers makes them the ideal choice for many on-board services. They can be found in refrigeration units used to store and preserve food – including on most of the fishing trawler fleet – as well as swimming pool heating systems on cruise ships and in the circulation of potable water for drinking, washing and showering. Our plate heat exchanger range incorporates special safety features, including a double wall which prevents the potable water mixing with the engine cooling water. The Kelvion portfolio of brazed plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers can be found in ships’ air conditioning systems, helping to maintain a comfortable climate on board.

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