A new air-treatment system makes an air-conditioning system out of a heating unit

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18. 03. 2004 Simple exchange of existing heating elements / Only water in the indoor unit (no refrigerant) / System kit as ready-to-install package / Simple to convert by any installation technician for heating systems / Especially favourable cost-benefit ratio in comparison to standard solutions for room cooling / System components proven in thousands of applications – e.g., in all leading hotel chains of the world

Herne, Germany - Last year, millions of Europeans could barely tolerate the scorching summer at home and in the office. It’s true – the weather was indeed great for many diversions, but the side effects were horrendous. Many rooms and apartments under building roofs were no longer habitable. People couldn’t sleep in the torrid heat. Work in oven-like offices was torturous. To prevent roasting alive, many used fans or simple split air conditioners. Many who buy such cooling units forget an important cost-relevant fact:  a split air conditioner may cost very little at a DIY mart, but the cost for a special technician to install it – if you can find such a person at all – is usually greater than that of the equipment itself. In addition, any leaks that may develop in the refrigerant lines between the outside and inside unit can give rise to serious problems involving the safety of residents at home or employees in an office.

A new climate-control concept for home and office has been developed to remedy this situation. And what’s so special about this approach? This product can cool and heat all in one unit, and is simply connected to the existing heating system. The radiator must be exchanged, but the water lines and the furnace remain as before. Standard copper pipes are then installed for the new cooling system, to connect it to the chiller mounted outside the building. The major benefit:  only water flows through the piping. The small amount of refrigerant used to chill the water remains in the hermetically sealed circulation system of the outdoor unit. This means that any heating technician, without refrigerant skills, can quickly and inexpensively install this system.

In addition, the units of the GEA acqua system are equipped with fans. This enables the room to reach the desired temperature much faster than with conventional radiators – and this brings benefits during heating in the winter as well.

Even the cost-benefit ratio of the system kit, with all required components, is convincing enough:  it truly represents a cost-effective alternative in comparison to installation of several individual split air-conditioner systems, or one multi-split system. The water system used makes the GEA acqua system flexibly expandable for the future.

The components of this new year-around climate-control concept have been proven effective in thousands of applications. These components have been developed from uses in professional applications:  for example, in leading hotel chains throughout the world. They have gained a reputation in such uses as especially safe and reliable.

The use of one unit to heat and to cool additionally saves a great deal of space in a room. No additional elements for room cooling are required beside those in the room. The units are also outwardly appealing:  the fan-coil units have been designed on the basis of Italian designs. Optically alone, they represent a superior alternative, with the added bonus of multiple benefits.

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