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02. 10. 2008 GEA Air Treatment intensifies ongoing qualification and training efforts

Dr. Hugo Blaum, President of the GEA Air Treatment Division
Dr. Hugo Blaum, President of the GEA Air Treatment Division

2nomy Campus, GEA Air Treatment has systematised its specialist events, training measures, roadshows, and internal ongoing staff-qualification measures. GEA intends through this programme to meet the challenges from its continuously growing product portfolio, and from increasing information requirements in efforts toward greater energy efficiency.

In the future, the Air Eco2nomy Campus offering will include training courses for customers and planners for new products, their application opportunities, assembly and installation, and maintenance. The program will also involve intensification of joint efforts with technical schools and colleges, in order to enhance the exchange of experience between science and applications in practice.

The concept of Air Eco2nomy Campus is designed for international application. National sales organizations of GEA Air Treatment will provide information, including Web-site announcements, scheduled dates, and the content of themes. Customer training programs of GEA Happel Klimatechnik, for example, will announce customer training events at the Web site under the menu link “News”.

Dr. Hugo Blaum, President of the GEA Air Treatment Division, said, “In our Air Eco2nomy Campus program, we intend not only to present innovations of our company and their application, but also to show how greater efficiency can be achieved with them. And greater efficiency means lower operating costs and, above all, reduced environmental burdens:  objectives that we express with our slogan Air Eco2nomy.” Air Eco2nomy Campus, in addition, will serve to familiarize GEA sales staff and customers in a more targeted manner with new products, in order to offer advice and consultation closer to the customer.

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