GEA Air Treatment presents new heat pumps

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17. 11. 2008 For efficient heating of commercial and industrial premises

GEA now offers new water/water heat pumps with ratings of 100 to 2,750 kW.
GEA now offers new water/water heat pumps with ratings of 100 to 2,750 kW.

Closed-loop control can manage machine networks
Depending on model size, 1 to 4 screw-type compressors (each with its own cooling cycle) are installed in the unit and assure low-vibration operation. Their rotors and shaft journals are manufactured with great precision, and the bearings are maintenance-free:  which allows reliable and low-service operation for years. The compressor control range is 50 to 100%, with the result that the larger machines can meet demands on a continuously variable basis, beginning at 12.5% of nominal rating. The closed-loop technology allows networking several machines in a master-slave system.

Cooling function possible according to switching by user
The new water/water heat pumps can also provide cooling. The smallest model offers up to 87 kW cooling capacity and the largest, up to around 2,430 kW. The units are optimized for operation with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a. Special attention was paid here to the heat exchangers and the compressors, to ensure good efficiency, especially in frequently occurring partial-load operation mode. As a result, ESEER values of over 6.0 are achieved.

The closed-loop control system can be programmed for both heating and cooling operation, so that the user can switch over to operations with the appropriate setpoint values. The hydraulic configuration outside the unit must also be changed.

These heat pumps are delivered on a self-supporting frame made of steel profile sections, and are filled with refrigeration oil and refrigerant ready for operation. At the construction site, only the water and electrical connections must be made before operation. These new machines are now available for delivery.

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