GEA Air Treatment will present new developments at the trade fair ISH 2005

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12. 01. 2005 GEA Air Treatment in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from 15 to 19 March 2005, in Hall 5.0 and at Stand B 95.

ISH 2005
ISH 2005

Innovations for heating, ventilation, and air treatment

At ISH 2005, GEA Air Treatment will once again take the opportunity to provide stimulus for the market for heating, ventilation and air treatment. A number of product innovations and optimized systems highlight the mission of the company to play an active role in setting technological trends. Innovations presented will include the GEA MATRIX control system, as well as the new air-handling units from the GEA CAIR line, which will be presented on the German market in mid-2005.

The GEA MATRIX control system has been designed for effective operation with all systems by GEA Air Treatment. The selection of components is even simpler now than for the predecessor systems. In addition, all components –  from the individual control system inside the unit, to the wall-mounted control unit with display –  are implemented strictly in accordance with an end-to-end logical connection arrangement that considerably simplifies work by the installation team. The new operator-control elements and displays furthermore feature a uniformly, simply, and clearly organized design. As a result, the user can quickly and intuitively perform the respective settings –  equally effectively for heating, ventilation, or air treatment. At the ISH stand, staff from GEA Air Treatment will use an oversized unit to demonstrate the interaction of the control components. The GEA team will show not only typical applications in high-comfort air-treatment, but also for commercial and industrial environments.
Trade visitors will likewise be able to inspect prototypes of the GEA CAIR line, which will be presented at ISH for the first time as part of a trade fair. The acronym designation “CAIR” stands for “customized air”. These new air-handling units –  which will arrive on the German market in 2005 in standard sizes, as GEA CAIRplus and in more compact form as GEA CAIRpicco – will meet practically all user requirements on the basis of their great variety of installation sizes. Visitors to the GEA stand at ISH will be able to gain a truly convincing impression of the future portfolio of GEA offerings – especially since they can also take a close look there at GEA Lplus design software, in addition to the line of CAIR systems.
You can find GEA Air Treatment at ISH 2005 (from 15 to 19 March 2005), at the Frankfurt am Main fairgrounds (Frankfurter Messegelände), at stand B 95 in Hall 5.0.

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