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23. 10. 2008 DNV certificate is issued upon delivery

For use on ships, GEA offers special chillers that include a certificate from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) when they are delivered.
For use on ships, GEA offers special chillers that include a certificate from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) when they are delivered.

Special models of water-cooled chillers made by GEA Air Treatment (in Herne, Germany) are designed to meet requirements for application on the high seas. The models offer cooling capacities of 47 to 2,450 kW and are not affected by tilting from ships’ rolling of up to 15° in the horizontal and 20° in the vertical. They are therefore also suited for operations in heavy seas. These chillers can serve the comfort air conditioning systems of cabins and public space (e.g., restaurants), and can cool machine rooms. The first GEA ship chillers, to be delivered soon, will dissipate the heat from powerful ship propulsion systems.

To be able to react effectively to fluctuating cooling loads, the smaller chiller models will feature 2 to 4 scroll compressors. Models with screw-type compressors cover greater cooling-capacity ranges. These models also allow electrical connections to be adapted to marine applications:  i.e., they can be prepared for 690-volt ship electrical mains (660 V ± 10%, 3-phase, 60 Hz). The screw-type compressors (up to 4 in one chiller) operate in autonomous cooling circulation systems, to assure a maximum of operating security. These compressors have continuously adjustable control systems, which enable optimal reaction to cooling requirements. This likewise allows a high degree of efficiency, also under partial-load conditions. ESEER values over 6.0 are therefore possible.

The use of environmentally friendly refrigerants also assures energy efficiency:  in the machines with scroll compressors, for example, refrigerant R134a results in higher efficiency than the earlier-widespread refrigerant R407C. The chillers with scroll compressors use R410A, which – compared to other refrigerants – is characterised by higher volumetric gain and, in turn, by greater efficiency.

When delivered, these ship chillers are accompanied by a certificate from Det Norske Veritas (DNV). This certifies that the chillers are constructed from components that originate from likewise certified suppliers, and that the chillers satisfy requirements applying to maritime use.

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