GEA Happel Klimatechnik takes over the product range of GEA Schwimmbad Komforttechnik

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25. 02. 2004 GEA Happel Klimatechnik takes over the product range of GEA Schwimmbad Komforttechnik

Herne, Germany  - Beginning immediately, GEA Happel Klimatechnik has taken over the entire product spectrum of GEA Schwimmbad Komforttechnik and incorporated it into its own line of products. The purpose of this action is to ensure more efficient use of the European-wide overall sales and marketing efforts of GEA Lufttechnik – of which the German company GEA Happel Klimatechnik is also a part. As a result of this part of the restructuring process, marketing and sales in Germany of the products of the GEA Fricostar series of climate-control equipment for indoor swimming pools will take place through the Marketing and Sales Team of GEA Happel Klimatechnik. The advantage of this reorganization for our customers is that one single liaison point will able to market the entire line of GEA Lufttechnik products, and will accordingly be able to advise our customers in comprehensive manner.

In order to support its European marketing and distribution companies, as well as its subsidiaries, GEA has established its own Product Support Team in Herne. In accordance with our customers’ requirements, staff members with long years of experience with the entire product spectrum can now offer the required expert consulting support in all matters concerning climate-control for indoor swimming pools.

In the course of this restructuring, all equipment in the Fricostar line will furthermore be integrated into LPlus design software. Planning work with these units is therefore now also possible with LPlus. The line of products in the climate-control spectrum of products is currently being revised. The new equipment will then be available in autumn of this year.

The products of the GEA Fricostar series encompass a line of large-scale equipment, with a great variety of features and design characteristics for applications in large indoor swimming facilities. A design-oriented line is also included, for use in smaller home or hotel swimming pools. Now as before, all units will be individually matched to specific customer and project requirements.

As a result, manufacturers’ reports have revealed that it is not only the owners of private swimming pools who have until now learned to depend on GEA systems technology:  in addition, the operators of large hotel pools, spa complexes, and professional operators of large leisure-pool facilities in Europe are also on the list of GEA customers. These clients include the Hilton Hotels in Frankfurt am Main and in Istanbul, the Maritim Hotel in Cottbus, Germany, the Zugspitz Hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, and the Adlon Hotel in Berlin. GEA customers also include the professional leisure-complex operators such as all Center Parcs in Europe, as well as the Wustrow Holiday Park on the Baltic Sea.

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