GEA Happel Systems Engineering takes over systems business for GEA Air Treatment

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01. 05. 2004 Company newly founded to assume own responsibility for systems business / GEA Happel SiCo is integrated into the new company / Line of products encompasses the complete portfolio of GEA Air Treatment / Company’s own Sales Team set up for special needs of assignment-specific support of major projects / Offerings of engi-neering services / Further expansion of product portfolio

Dr. Hugo Blaum and Dr. Frank Vossloh
Dr. Hugo Blaum and Dr. Frank Vossloh

Herne, Germany - Beginning immediately, GEA Air Treatment will undertake systems business through its own company founded for this purpose:  GEA Happel Systems Engineering GmbH. The previously existing company GEA Happel SiCo GmbH will also be integrated into this company, after having previously served for sales of products involving silent heating and cooling. The mission of the new company is the procurement of business, as well as engineering and execution of projects in which complex systems engineering is involved. The line of products encompasses the complete portfolio of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning technology offered by the GEA Air Treatment Division. The company has set up its own Sales Team, with the required expertise, to implement project-specific solutions.

Hellmuth Weiss, Signatory Officer and Project Management Director of GEA Happel Systems Engineering GmbH, explains, “Within the context of the new company, we shall especially address the needs of systems project business.”
“Toward this objective, the new Sales Team will go into action at a consequently earlier point in time in the decision chain, with its consulting functions for construction projects – and will offer its services to architects, plant owners, and project developers. Once these services are performed, the responsible TGA specialist planner will, as before, be supported from the regional Sales Office,” adds Hans-Günter Albert, the new Sales Director of GEA Happel Systems Engineering GmbH.

The required expertise is of course crucial for complex and competent consulting at an early stage of planning for major construction projects. Staff especially employed by GEA for this purpose is also available for selected projects, broken down into three regions. These colleagues also offer the required engineering services at the same time.

The line of products consists of the complete portfolio of the GEA Air Treatment Division. These products encompass the great GEA variety of decentralized and centralized air-treatment systems – with applications for industry, commercial facilities, cleanrooms, and business areas. These products also include such special solutions as swimming-pool dehumidification, and extend to systems with silent heating and cooling.

In addition, and to more effectively fulfil the expectations of systems business, the company will continue to expand its product offerings. These efforts will also include the integration of innovative solutions into the company portfolio:  e.g., climate-control systems for sub-floor installation, floor induction equipment, as well as systems such as radiant ceiling panels based on proven concepts. Work is currently proceeding on the required implementation.

GEA Happel Systems Engineering has existed since mid-April. Managing Directors are Dr. Hugo Blaum and Dr. Frank Vossloh. The headquarters of the company are in Herne, Germany. For further information, please consult GEA Happel Systems Engineering GmbH, Südstrasse 48, D – 44625 Herne, Germany, under the details listed in this header.

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