Dual discharge design-to-order industrial air coolers

Goedhart DU

The Goedhart DU designed-to-order industrial dual discharge ceiling mounted (DU.p) or floor mounted (DU.s) air coolers are especially suitable for cooling and working room applications. The height of the aircooler is low, so the maximum space in the chill room can be utilised.

Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO DU
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO DU
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO DU

The Goedhart DU range is part of our designed-to-order industrial series. The advantage: 100% designed to fit your demands. Circuits matched to application give great performance and the optimized heat exchanger geometry have a greater specific output of the heat exchanger.

This High Performance Air cooler is available for both air flow directions (draw-through and blow-through). As a result, the Goedhart DU is effectively designed for individual refrigeration requirements – especially for complex applications.

The coil blocks can be designed on your demand, depending on the application and refrigerant/coolant used.

  • Dual flow air cooler for challenging applications
  • Made to fit your challenging space requirements
  • Wide choice of materials and accessories
  • Always correct selected by experienced staff
  • Low profile, two air streams, more contact time between air flow and product
  • Fans with external static pressure to overcome air side resistance
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Personal Data
Your Request
Technical data
Engineering Level Designed-to-order products
Application Cooling and Freezing (+45°C to -50°C)
Air configuration Dual discharge, blow-through or draw-through
Suitable for all known refrigerants, CO2 and coolants
Coil execution
Tube pitch square, staggered
Fin spacing single, stepped
Tube material Copper - Stainless steel - Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Fin material Aluminium - Gold lack - Sea water resistant aluminium - Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Finned length Up to 8500 mm (depending on the material of the coil block and the used options)

On the Goedhart® DU designed-to-order industrial air coolers an extensive number of accessories and optional extras are available, depending on the wishes and applications of the customer.

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