For high viscosity and the most stringend demands

NL Series

The NL Series has been specially developed for fluids with high viscosity as well as for shear-sensitive media. This not only offers all the advantages of the NT family, such as PosLoc, EcoLoc and the proven OptiWave design but also a clearly deeper corrugation depth.

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger NL Series
NL Plate Pack: Large gap for gentle product treatment
Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger NL Series

The result is a particularly gentle and uniform heat treatment of sensitive products such as dairy products, food and beverages. Due to the outstanding interaction of plate profile and corrugation depth, the flow properties are improved and blockages are reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the gaskets with food approval, the NL Series is best suited to applications in the sugar and food industries. In addition, the field of application ranges from the chemical and paper industries through HVAC to heavy industry.

Plate Features:

  • OptiWave design
  • PosLoc assembly system
  • EcoLoc gasket system
  • One Frame For All

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  • Extended service life due to larger corrugation depth, which improves the flow and reduces the tendency to clog up.
  • Pressure resistance runs up to 25 bar
  • Ideal for fluids with higher viscosity as well as for shear-sensitive media.
  • Suitable for media that contain short fibres or small particles/solids
  • Gentle product handling
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