Air Cooled Condenser A-Tube

Multiple Row Systems

A-tube consists of an elliptical bare tube with rectangular carbon steel fins. Heat transfer is optimized by hot deep galvanization. The gap between the fin foot and the fin is filled completely with zinc to achieve excellent heat transfer properties.

Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser A-Tube
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser A-Tube
  • A life span of over 30 years underlined with reference plants
  • The steel fins are not sensitive to typical mechanical loads, for example hailstorm or walking on the bundles
  • Hot deep galvanized bath gives an optimal protection against corrosion
  • Air flow dead zones are avoided as the fins pitch is different in each row of the bundle
  • Fin tube cleaning with high pressure water jet up to 80-100 bar


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