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Goedhart FC38S

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Goedhart FC38S is a range of standard, blowing, ceiling mounted air coolers for general cooling and freezing applications.

Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S
Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S
Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S
Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S
Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S
Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S
Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S
Kelvion Goedhart Commercial Air Cooler FC38S

The benefit that makes the Goedhart FC38S a standalone air cooler range is primarily its standardized equipment, matched to the requirements of individual application scenarios. The finish of the casing components, with their food-safe and environmentally friendly finishing, provides a surface structure that is effectively resistant corrosion. These components can also be very easily cleaned, and the mounting brackets are made of stainless steel.

Long-term storage, assurance of satisfactory maturing processes and ideal atmospheric humidity: these are the key performance factors for the Goedhart FC38S. It satisfies, in other words, complex commercial refrigeration requirements in production and processing of open and pre-packed food.

The requirements placed by chilled goods are complex, and an effective cooling process involves considerably more than merely the temperature of the goods being refrigerated. 

For example, the units must be equipped with very large surface areas to ensure minimum levels of dehumidification. These characteristics are essential in industrial processing of meat and bakery products; warehousing of flowers, fruit, and vegetables; and production of deep-frozen goods – basically all applications without aggressive airborne particles in the ambient air. 

Goedhart FC38S is also highly effective under complex sets of conditions: for example, with frequent staff traffic in and out of the cold rooms – which means regular air exchange with the surrounding air.

With intensive handling of goods and long storage times, the Goedhart FC38S sets standards in efficiency and safety. If the stored goods are frequently removed and re-stored, the cooling duty of the evaporator must be designed such that it assures uniform temperature distribution. The Goedhart FC38S is the optimal air cooler for applications such as these.

The Goedhart FC38S range, depending on configuration, extends from medium temperature cooling to freezing as low as -25 °C room temperature.

The air coolers are executed with AC fans, in conformity with the relevant ErP Directive. The used fans are especially effective for small and medium-sized cold stores.

  • Long-term assurance: highly efficient, ErP 2015 fans
  • Hinged drip tray prepared, easy removable cover plates
  • Easy installation: Delivered in a wooden crate for easy mounting
  • Variable air direction of all fan variants – blow-through as draw-through
  • Higher specific power, reduced fan speed and air velocity through the coil and significantly reduced current consumption
  • Circuiting is optimized according to the most commonly used refrigerants/coolants and conditions. Easy to order by an order code each air cooler
Technical Data
ApplicationCooling and Freezing
Engineering LevelLevel 1, Commercial products
Number of types132
Capacities HFO/HFK0,8 – 74 kW (R404A dx - SC2)
Capacities Coolant1,6 - 122 kW (E-glycol 28% tl1=12°C tin=-2°C tout=3°C)
Fan sizes250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 mm
Max. number of fans each aircooler6
Air configurationblow-through
Suitable foralmost all known refrigerants and coolants, with the exception of NH3
Coil Execution
Tube pitchstaggered
Fin spacing4 and 7 mm
Tube materialCopper 12 mm i = internally enhanced tubes for refrigerants p =internally plain tubes for coolants(G) and refrigerants(DX)
Fin materialGoedhart aluminum ht-fins

  • Construction for ceiling mounting
  • Casing material of galvanized sheet steel
  • The drip tray is hinged and made from light aluminium
  • Executed with a short air conduction plate as standard
  • Standard white epoxy spray finishing
  • Bend/header protection by end covers, easy removed formaintenance
  • Standard refrigerant connections are positioned on the left hand side of the unit when looking with the direction of the airflow
  • Possible defrost by hot gas spiral or electric defrost elements will be fixed to the bottom side of the coil
  • Stainless steel fasteners


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