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The food industry is an important market for us. Almost all freezing and cooling supplying companies in the freezing tunnel- and spiral world use our equipment. For every kind of application we design together with the client, in a discrete manner, an OEM solution that suits their demands. Varying from compact to mega IQF freezers, Carton Freezers, spiral freezers, Multi belt tunnels and special inline freezer/chillers, we provide an exact fitting solution.

Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO LLK
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO LLK
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO LLK
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO LLK
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO LLK
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO LLK

Supermarkets and distribution centers are often run “on the cheap”. Our experience over the recent years has proved this strategy not to be very effective. Off the shelf coolers, especially from B-rated suppliers which after a while become fully clogged up with dirt from carton boxes and fork lift trucks, give poor performance. This will reduce the efficiency and reliability of the total plant and will increase sound level, energy costs and total cost to operate them.

By listening to our top customers we have developed air coolers especially for distribution centers with ultra-low sound and energy consumption. Hinged panels are provided on the casework for quick and thorough cleaning.

For the deep freeze rooms of distribution centers we have developed an array of accessories to reduce energy loss whilst defrosting. All of this allows the end user to concentrate on his core competence: supplying just in time.

Also where weather needs a helping hand the Goedhart LLK is used. Coming from the low lands, you would not expect our air coolers to cool most of the artificial skiing slopes around the globe. Not being able to enjoy skiing in our own country was the drive for some entrepreneurs in the Benelux area to develop artificial ski slopes; initially they were not cooled but they are today.

Logically we were chosen as a partner to co-develop the air coolers for this specific application.

Nowadays you can find our. air coolers benefitting enthusiastic skiers from Germany to Spain and from Benelux to even in Dubai. Coolers for ski slopes have very special demands for air throw, frost accumulation and sound levels.

The Goedhart LLK is built to match and fits above mentioned requirements. The air coolers have a guaranteed performance, also in though conditions.  Long operating times between defrost intervals are possible when using stepped fin spacings. The construction is flush ceiling (LLK.p) or floor (LLK.s) mounted and is maintenance friendly. The air coolers are available in a wide choise of materials, tube configurations, fans with external pressure and accessories depending on your demands. Because of that the Goedhart LLK with its rigid modular design is always correct selected by experienced staff.

  • Industrial air cooler, designed to fit your demands
  • Due to high design standards, high Quality of finishing
  • Guaranteed performance, also in tough conditions
  • 100% fit to your refrigeration installation
  • Flush mounted, maintenance friendly
  • Wide choice of materials and accessories
  • Fans with external static pressure to overcome air side resistance
  • Always correct selected by experienced staff
Technical data
Engineering LevelDesigned-to-order industrial products
ApplicationCooling and Freezing (+45°C to -50°C)
Air configurationBlow-through and draw-through
Suitablefor all known refrigerants, CO2 and coolants
Coil execution
Tube pitchsquare, staggered
Fin spacingsingle, stepped
Tube materialCopper - Stainless steel - Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Fin materialAluminium - Gold lack - Sea water resistant aluminium - Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Finned lengthUp to 8500 mm (depending on the material of the coil block and the used options)

On the Goedhart® LLK designed-to-order industrial air coolers an extensive number of accessories and optional extras are available, depending on the wishes and applications of the customer.


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