High pressure zone: Co2 or propane up to 90 bar

If the pressure is on; we keep it cool

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With the new CBF/CSF range in the lineup you are well prepared for operating pressures up to 90 bar. The CBF is the blow through version as the CSF is the draw-through variant. All coils are optimized for natural refrigerants like R744 (CO2) and R290 (Propane) and make it a perfect choice for cooling and freezing applications.


A new fin tube pattern design offers a low refrigerant charge, thanks to the low internal volume and various options and accessories allow easy customization. The range consists of 16 models out of a capacity range from 7 to 35,7 kW [SC2, CO2]. On request we are able to offer alternative models with up to 90 bar configurations, so the perfect choice for every application can always be found.


  • Defrost sock (Adapter connection, integrated) -draw
  • Air throw streamer -draw
  • Diffusor (with air operated damper) -blow
  • Hinged fans and/or driptray
  • Suction hood fan side (-blow) or fin side (-draw)
  • Insulated drip tray (with anticondensation heating)
  • Feet for floor mounting and insulation disks

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  • Operating pressures up to 90 bar
  • Optimized for natural refrigerants like R744 (CO2) and R290 (Propane)
  • For cooling and freezing application
  • Low internal volume
  • Circuiting optimized for application

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