Kelvion RF/GF-D Condenser & Gas Cooler

Our smallest heat exchanger

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increasingly popular with refrigeration and air conditioning condenser applications. It has been updated to incorporate the latest Kelvion coil technology innovation of Micro-Tube. This 5mm coil innovation is the result of extensive R&D work, optimizing the geometry and surface enhancement to provide better fin surface utilisation than ever before.


The RF-D is the condenser series with capacities from 3,9 – 32  kW

The GF-D is our gas cooler series with 1,8 kW - 39 kW


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  • Newly-developed tube-fin system with 5 mm
  • Optimized fin geometry via CFD analysis
  • Ideal for use with natural refrigerants such as CO2 or propane
  • Up to 50% less refrigerant charge
  • The unit can be installed either vertically or horizontally

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