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Our Küba MS condenser series consists of a total of nine basic models, with the additional option of a 4-pole or 6-pole fan unit. The result is a total of 18 possible combinations, covering a condenser capacity range of 5.1 to 26.2 KW.

Kelvion Condenser Searle MSA
Kelvion Condenser Searle MSA

The frame legs supplied with the Küba MS condenser allow it to be installed either horizontally or vertically – wall mounting is also possible. The radial fans, which are of German manufacture, meet the highest quality and performance requirements and have been optimised for use in the MS condenser. As a result the Küba MS condensers have very low noise levels.

The heat exchanger consists of 8 mm copper tubing, with internal ribbing, and high-performance aluminium fins with a fin spacing of 2.1 mm. The formed fin collar allows very high levels of heat transfer to be obtained, as well as permanent and efficient heat transfer between the central tube and fins.

The casing is made of sendzimir galvanized steel plate with UV resistant powder coating (RAL 7032). This surface coating ensures excellent weather resistance and corrosion protection. All screws and rivets are made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

A low-noise compact unit consisting of a motor with fan blade and antitouch guard to DIN 31001/24176, of corrosion and weather-proof design. The fan blade is Ø 350 mm, with dynamic counterbalancing to quality level G 6.3 of DIN ISO 1940. Two different speeds are available:

  • 4-pole: 230 ± 10% V-1, 50 Hz, IP 44, motor protection via thermal contacts, internally wired, ambient temperature for motor from –25°C to +60°C, 1295 RPM
  • 6-pole: 230 ± 10% V-1, 50/60 Hz, IP 44, motor protection via thermal contacts, internally wired, ambient temperature for motor from –25°C to +60°C, 880 RPM

Fully adjustable speed control by means of phase control or voltage reduction.

  • Capacity Qc from 5.1 to 26.2 kW (R404A, ∆T=15K)
  • 2 sound level classes N, L
  • Sound level from L(PA)= 30 to 44 dB(A), in 10 m
  • 1-3 fans, 350 mm
  • Vertical or horizontal airflow
  • Standard fin: AL
  • Standard tubes: copper
  • For all refrigerants, except NH3 and CO2 Casing: weather and UV resistant powder coating (RAL9018)


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