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Searle LF

Our range of dry air coolers is a modular design of flat-bed and V-bank units arranged in single and double bank configurations with multiple module lengths. The new range builds on the expertise gained from many years at the forefront of dry air cooler technology resulting in the most extensive range of dry air coolers. The range of dry air cooler combinations enable the closest possible matching to a required specification taking into consideration duty, cost, noise level, size and efficiency (duty/ motor input power).

Kelvion Condenser Searle LF
Kelvion Condenser Searle LF

Engine temperatures for electricity generators in some of the world’s harshest environments are controlled by giant fluid dry coolers designed and built by us. With substantial new investment in coating and testing facilities, we now have the capability to produce 25% more powerful flatbed dry coolers at the top of the ranges – up to 12 metres in length, and with 20 fan sets to enhance cooling airflow. Our new investment in technology also benefits other dry coolers in its extensive range.

  • Structural integrity maintained throughout the entire Dry Cooler range
  • Coil supports replaced with centre plates for ‘H’ frame construction
  • Side plate construction cold form to creates ‘I’ frame structure for strength
  • Easy of assembly due to reduced number of components
  • Up to 12m long unit construction
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Product seriesL = Liquid Dry Cooer
Unit formFlatbed
Module widthNarrow, Medium, Wide
Module lengthA=1200mm, B=1500mm, C=1800mm, D=2100mm, E=2400mm
Fan rows1 or 2
Fans per row1 - 10
Fin typeEL = 3/8“ (9.5mm) tube, T = 12 tube
Coil rows2, 3, 4
OrientationHorizontal, Vertical
Fan Diameter800mm, 900mm, 910mm
Fan typeN = AC Normal Woods, H = AC high power, E = ebm EC, P = Ziehl EC
Motor pole6, 8, 12, EC
Motor wiringDelta, Star
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