Maximal control by two technologies

Searle NDQ-N2DQ

Searle NDQ and N2DQ Digital condensing units are the latest addition to the Searle range. They feature the new scroll digital compressor which precisely matches the refrigeration load to provide significant energy savings.

Kelvion Condensing Unit Searle NDQ
Kelvion Condensing Unit Searle NDQ

The N2DQ is the twin compressor choice, with 1 digital scroll and 1 normal scroll compressor. The NDQ comprises three models and N2DQ range comprises five models using refrigerants R404A/R507 and R407C. The low temperature models (-40 °C to -10°C) cover a capacity range of 6.22 kW to 12.22 kW while the medium temperature units (-20°C to +10°C) range from 7.19 kW to 20.7 kW.

  • HP/LP switch auto reset
  • Sight glass and filter drier
  • Liquid receiver with fitted pressure relief valve
  • Rotalock service valves on compressors and receiver
  • Oil level sight glass
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Comp TechnologySingle Digital Scroll, Twin Digital Scroll
Unit TypeQuiet (6pl fans)
Compressoreg. 30, 43, 60
Phase3 Phase
TemperatureMedium, Low
Oil seperatorOil separator, No oil separator, EVI Compressor
Coil/CaseC, D, E
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