Cooling with ammonia

Searle NF

The NF range of air cooled condensers has been designed for use with ammonia (NH3) as the working refrigerant. It is suitable for a wide range of applications with a duty range of 11 kW to 1270 kW. Known to be used as a refrigerant as early as the 1850’s, ammonia has recently gained interest amongst equipment specifiers and end users because of its impressive environmental credentials; such as no global warming potential and zero ozone depletion factor.

Kelvion Condenser Searle NF
Kelvion Condenser Searle NF
  • Up to 12 m long unit construction
  • Coil supports replaced with centre plates for ‘H’ frame construction
  • Interlock side plate construction cold form to create ‘I’ frame structure for strength
  • Easy to assemble due to reduced number of components
  • Structural integrity maintained throughout the entire condenser range
  • High grade stainless steel coil block and header tubes
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Technical Information
Product seriesN = NH3 (St/St tubes)
Unit formFlatbed
Module widthNarrow, Medium, Wide
Module heightA = 1200 mm, B = 1500 mm, C = 1800 mm, D = 2100 mm, E = 2400 mm
Fan rows1 or 2
Fans per row1 - 10
Fin typeEL = 3/8“ (9.5 mm) tube T = 12 tube
Coil rows2, 3, 4
OrientationHorizontal, Vertical
Fan diameter800mm, 900mm, 910mm
Fan typeN = AC Normal Woods, H = AC high power, E = ebm EC, P = Ziehl EC
Motor pole6, 8, 12, EC
Motor wiringDelta, Star
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