Polacel Cross flow Cooling Tower XT, XL Series

water cooling, heat transfer, heat rejection & crossflow

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The Polacel cross flow cooling tower is quiet and economical, and has a high cooling capacity. The modular system can be easily adjusted to suit cooling requirements and the space available. The cooling towers have optimal performance and run problem-free. The considerable savings in water usage (95%+), and the exceptionally low noise level make the economical crossflow cooling towers the best choice for both man and the environment.

Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower XE, XT, XL, XM
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower XE, XT, XL, XM
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower XE, XT, XL, XM
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower XE, XT, XL, XM
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower XE, XT, XL, XM
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower XE, XT, XL, XM

Structural qualities
The advanced design engineering has also resulted in a number of special structural advantages:

  • Only a minimum number of support points are necessary as a result of the self-supporting foundations and the high internal rigidity
  • Where possible, fully portable and installed ready to go
  • The Polacel frost-proof polyester water pan can withstand sub-zero temperatures. Essential for free-cooling applications
  • Due to their low profile, cross flow cooling towers present fewer aesthetic problems
  • The expandable modular system has virtually no limitations in terms of shape and size
  • All structural design principles are analysed and tested in advance using dynamic calculations and computer studies

Durable and reliable
We design and manufacture cooling towers that have a long life and require a minimum of maintenance. This performance is achieved by a careful choice of materials - stainless steel combined with glass fibre reinforced polyester and plastics - the exceptionally sound design and the considerable experience of our engineers.

'Cheap and cheerful' solutions such as fans with a V-belt drive, or painted panels, are avoided. The result is a cooling tower that is low maintenance, economical and able to deliver a consistently high quality, problemfree performance.

  • Exact dimensioning of the cooling towers, custom designed for each application
  • Implementation of country specific standards
  • Completely transportable tower components, fully ready for installation
  • Low maintenance and energy costs
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness over the entire life cycle
  • Implementation for any volume of cooling water desired
  • Superior product quality, in accordance with our stringent standards
  • Reliable project management


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