Acrylate and “elephant hide” against corrosion

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15. 03. 2013 During ISH 2013 (in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from March 12 to 16, 2013, in Hall 11.0, Stand B91), GEA will introduce its improved Fricostar F800 chest-type floor-model dehumidifier, for small indoor swimming pools with water surface up to 50 m². This model is especially designed for installation in indoor pools, with even better corrosion protection in its new version.

The GEA Fricostar F800 for small indoor swimming pools (up to 50 m²) in its new version is even better protected against corrosion.
The GEA Fricostar F800 for small indoor swimming pools (up to 50 m²) in its new version is even better protected against corrosion.

A new clear protective coating on the basis of acrylate resin, applied at the factory, assures enhanced corrosion protection for the refrigeration pipework (copper pipes, their installation fittings, and refrigeration components) and on all connection fittings, capillary tubes, and assembly components. The temperature resistance of the coating extends to 120 °C, which also affords protection to hot zones of the refrigeration facility. To prevent rusting through, the covered base support of the GEA Fricostar F800 has now been provided with thick powder coating. This “elephant hide” surface protects the galvanized metal base frame from moisture damage such as rusting for many years, also in chemically aggressive environments – for example, in saltwater spas. To eliminate the risk of malfunctions by moisture on the formerly partially open switching contact of the anti-icing system, this unit is now installed in a closed switchbox. The connected sensor, consisting of capillary tubes, leads out of the plastic housing and is protected by a clear coating. The GEA Fricostar F800 dehumidifier weighs around 122 kg, with a footprint of approx. 290 x 1,660 mm and a height of 800 mm. It is designed and outfitted at the factory in accordance with the specifications of the swimming pool operator. In the basic version, the model certified according to DIN ISO 9001 is designed as a splashproof cabinet unit and is typically installed in indoor swimming pools. By the recirculated-air principle, the warm and humid air of the pool flows through a scroll compressor to prevent the loss of costly heat. This heat passes either directly into the air, or through an optional pool-water condenser into the water of the pool. Accessories can also admit fresh air into the swimming pool. For installation, only the power supply and a connection for the condensate water are required. As an alternative to installation inside the swimming pool area, the GEA Fricostar F800 can also be installed in a machine room (protected from frost). Optional accessories simplify installation behind the wall. On the side of the wall facing the pool, only air vents reveal that a dehumidifier is in operation behind the wall. Operational noises are effectively suppressed. Product Management contact:
GEA Heat Exchangers
GEA Air Treatment GmbH
Andreas Linck
Suedstr. 48 – 44625 Herne, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)2325 468-208

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