Compact air-handling units from the GEA COM4 range: certified in accord-ance with Eurovent

Press Release

02. 05. 2013 Beginning now, all units from the GEA COM4 range of compact air-handling units are certified in accordance with Eurovent. This certification confirms that the manufacturers in fact deliver equipment that conforms to their published performance ratings. In this way, Eurovent assures the customer of transparency on the market – as well as the possibility of being able to compare products of various suppliers.

Beginning now, all units from the GEA COM4 range of compact air-handling units are certified in accord-ance with Eurovent.
Beginning now, all units from the GEA COM4 range of compact air-handling units are certified in accord-ance with Eurovent.

The smallest models, the COM4mini, are available in three output tiers, up to approx. 2,200 m³/h air flow. GEA COM4plus, with seven model sizes, covers medium and greater output levels, up to approx. 16,000 m³/h. The COM4top series covers five models, up to around 6,500 m³/h. Models in the COM4mini and COM4plus series are in weatherproof version and are also designed for outdoor installation. The COM4top series was especially developed for indoor installation in tight spaces. For all three types, the model range consists of plug-in-ready units that are standardized and extensively pre-assembled at the factory. Their enclosures are made of high-quality panels that are integrated into one frame so as so reduce the footprint. These structural-design features enable access for maintenance work. The units in this range are highly cost-effective in operation, which is especially the result of energy-saving, radial plug fans with EC motors. Control of motor speed is continuously variable, in accordance with momentary demand. The standard features of these pre-configured compact air-handling units also include highly effective heat-recovery systems with a bypass option for free cooling. Eurovent Certification confirms that entire model ranges of central room air-handling units actually meet the technical specifications supplied by the manufacturer. Eurovent uses random samples for its lab tests in accordance with European and international standards, up to the largest specified air flow. These specifications cover mechanical characteristics as well as rated values and output data in accordance with the following standards: Mechanical characteristics (in accordance with EN1886)

  • Mechanical strength of the unit enclosure
  • Airtightness of the enclosure
  • Filter bypass leakage
  • Heat-transfer coefficient (thermal bridging factor)
  • Sound damping for the enclosure

Rated values and performance data (in accordance with EN13053)

  • Air flow – static pressure data – power consumption
  • Octave bands for conducted sound power – sound-power emission of the enclosure
  • Heat recovery
  • Heating duty*
  • Cooling duty*
  • Water-side pressure drop*

* When associated with the standard version of the range Contact product management:
GEA Air Treatment GmbH
Franz-Josef Hoffmann
Südstraße 48 – 44625 Herne
Tel.: +49 2325 468-612
Fax +49 2325 468-77612

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