GEA and SIBUR sign a cooperation agreement

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14. 03. 2013 A strategic cooperation agreement has been signed in Moscow by the petrochemical holding company SIBUR, GEA Mashimpeks of Russia, and GEA Ecoflex of Germany. The agreement promotes the application of GEA Heat Exchanger equipment in SIBUR petrochemical and gas-treatment plants.

GEA and SIBUR sign a cooperation agreement
GEA and SIBUR sign a cooperation agreement

GEA Mashimpeks and SIBUR have collaborated for the past several years. GEA has served as supplier of heat exchanger equipment to SIBUR enterprises, which has supplied gasketed plate heat exchangers to Togliattikauchuk, as well as GEABloc welded plate heat exchangers to Tomsk-Neftekhim and Voronezhsintezkauchuk. In 2011 GEA Mashimpeks received the SIBUR Supplier 2011 Award of Honor. Successful implementation of several major joint projects has laid the foundation for this strategic cooperation agreement. Currently, SIBUR is actively modernizing its existing plants and is building new facilities for feedstock processing, fuel-treatment processes, and production of petrochemicals. For project implementation, the company applies state-of-the-art, energy-efficient technologies that allow reduction in energy consumption and increase production yield. The agreement with GEA is planned to support efforts for increasing the energy efficiency of SIBUR plants.

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