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12. 03. 2015 GEA compact finned-tube heat exchangers – with three available fin systems; various fin profiles, thicknesses, and subdivisions; as well as various materials and additional characteristics – can be optimally employed for almost any industrial process. The highly versatile technology implemented in these heat exchangers serves for the efficient transfer of thermal energy.

GEA compact finned-tube heat exchangers – with three available fin systems
GEA compact finned-tube heat exchangers – with three available fin systems

With the various possible fin profiles available, these heat exchangers can be effectively applied wherever heat transport is desired: for example, as heating or cooling banks in ventilation units, in air heat pumps, as well as in dryer units – and they can be profitably used to exhaust heat in mining and in cooling processes in heavy industry. They serve as coolers, heaters, evaporators, condensers, or in powertubes. In each of their application processes, they assure the right operating temperature and likewise play a key role in heat recovery. The GEA compact heat exchangers required for effective heat recovery can be delivered with three different fin systems, in various corrosion classes, forms, and lengths, on the basis of individual output and capacity values. The following materials are used: aluminum, copper, aluminum with epoxy coating, and AlmG2.5 with epoxy coating. Beginning with a fin thickness of 0.18 mm, the fins can function without difficulty up to temperatures of more than 110 °C. Optional features include condensation-water drip trays and droplet collectors, which can be either integrated or separately installed. Immersion-bath coating with various materials (e.g., SÄKAPHEN®) assures rugged corrosion protection. Upon request, GEA supplies compact heat exchangers that are rated at pressures up to 10 kPa – under the conditions that the end plates are cast with Helmoxin and that an airtight frame is installed over headers and pipe bends.
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