GEA GLAC: the new CD range cools more cost effectively

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15. 11. 2012 Customers can save with the new air-cooled chillers in the GEA GLAC-CD range, which are replacing the GLAC 0152-1204-BD models. The range of model sizes makes these chillers effective for small- and medium-sized HVAC systems, and for facilities with small water-system contents and refrigeration ratings between 40 and 350 kW.

The new GEA GLAC CD range
The new GEA GLAC CD range
The new GEA GLAC CD range
The new GEA GLAC CD range

These chillers are available over the entire output spectrum in three models with various performance features: a standard version, an SL version with sound insulation down to 11 dB(A), and the HE high-efficiency model in Eurovent Class A. The standard models in the GLAC-CD range operate with air-intake temperatures up to 46 °C and can reduce the temperature of the cooling medium to -10 °C. The GLAC-CD chillers operate in one or two refrigerant cycles with the refrigerant R 410A and with economical scroll compressors in a tandem configuration. The micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHX) from the GLAC 4131-8321CD2 range – already proven effective in the higher output class – are used as condensers. The performance of these micro-channel heat exchangers is superior to that of classical Cu-Al heat exchangers owing to their enhanced heat transfer and their larger heat-exchange surfaces, and to their refrigerant filling volume, which has been reduced by 40 %. These new heat exchangers are also substantially lighter: the heat transfer capacity of a 30-kg MCHX heat exchanger is equivalent to that of a Cu-Al exchanger that weighs from 105 to 120 kg. The MCHX models, in addition, offer greater resistance to galvanic corrosion, and the pressure drop for the air flow is less than for Cu-Al heat exchangers. In comparison to predecessor models, GEA has increased the output as well as the energy efficiency of the standard and the sound-insulated models – and these parameters are now equal for these two versions. As a result of various extras, it is possible to match these units to individual customer requirements. This also includes equipping the systems with inverter-controlled fans. Two new model sizes in the 2-scroll line (with one refrigerant cycle) now enable an overlap in cooling duty with the 4-scroll line (with two refrigerant cycles), which offers benefits in investment costs. In the 4-scroll line, the customer has a choice of a plate heat exchanger or a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It is also possible for the customer to choose the option of protecting not only the buffer tank against frost, but also the internal hydraulic components that contain water. Sales contact:
GEA Heat Exchangers
GEA Air Treatment GmbH
Tim Krambrökers
Südstr. 48 – 44625 Herne, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)2325 468-275

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