Highly efficient and designed for use down to -10 °C: the new GEA GLAH 2015–4120 CD reversible air heat pumps

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21. 05. 2015 With its GEA GLAH 2015-4120 CD series, GEA Heat Exchangers offers new, reversible air heat pumps for outdoor installation. A total of 21 model sizes enables the series to cover the range of maximum duty from 42 to 350 kW in heating mode, and 38 to 335 kW in cooling mode.

GEA GLAH 2015-4120 CD series
GEA GLAH 2015-4120 CD series

In comparison to their predecessors, these new heat pumps provide greater efficiency in cooling and particularly in heating mode. These units operate with R-410A refrigerant and feature one refrigeration cycle with two scroll compressors, or two refrigeration cycles with four scroll compressors, depending on the model. The available equipment versions offer a choice between the cost-effective standard versions for air-intake temperatures down to -5 °C in heating mode, and the more efficient high-efficiency versions (HE). The HE models feature electronic expansion valves and satisfy the stipulations of Eurovent Class A in heating mode. For the HE models there is also the option of extending heating operations down to an air-intake temperature of -10 °C. All the heat pumps in the new series provide the option of having a hydraulic module integrated into the unit. The one or two water pumps in this hydraulic module can also be ordered if required in a more powerful version for greater pump delivery heads.

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