Quiet and powerful: the new GEA Goedhart VCe coolers

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15. 10. 2012 With its new Goedhart VCe coolers, GEA has filled out its lines of proven models in the GEA Goedhart VCI series by addition of new ratings toward the upper end of the capacity ranges. The new models are highly effective, for example, for employment in food and beverage distribution centers, logistics centers, and production shop floors.

GEA Goedhart VCe coolers
GEA Goedhart VCe coolers

As required by market demand, models in the GEA Goedhart VCe series feature few but large fans. The newly designed modules reduce the speed of the fans and the air outlet speed. This leads to a quieter noise level and lowers energy consumption. The new coolers are available with fans with diameters of 630, 710, and 800 mm. The fans can be installed, as required, either for blow through operation or, vice versa, for draw through operation. Goedhart VCe coolers offer cooling duty of 14.5 to 188 kW with use of the refrigerant R404A. These coolers are also effective for operation with other commonly used refrigerants. For customers who wish even more efficient heat exchange than in the standard versions, the copper-aluminum heat exchangers of the coolers are also available with inside-corrugated copper tubes.

Users of coolers with stainless steel-aluminum heat exchangers will in future also profit from the benefits of the Goedhart VCe series: e.g., their quiet and power-saving operation. For the GEA Goedhart VRZ-B range, models with large fans are also planned for entry onto the market in early 2013.

Sales contact
GEA Goedhart B.V.
Rob Zwueste
Nijverheidsweg 6 – 4695 RC Sint-Maartensdijk
The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)166 665 692

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