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09. 05. 2012 At the IFAT Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste, and Raw Materials Management, in Munich, GEA shows its lamella separator for round sedimentation tanks – an innovation

Round Clarifier with GEA 2H TUBEdek
Round Clarifier with GEA 2H TUBEdek

GEA, thanks to the special structural features of its successful 2H TUBEdek® parallel-plate separators, is moving the sewage-treatment market. At the IFAT ENTSORGA 2012, the company – the technologically leading manufacturer of plastic fill media for biological fixed bed systems and sedimentation plants – presents lamella clarifiers with a new focus. Based on its structural design, featuring a nut and grove system, the individual 2H TUBEdek® elements can be bent and installed in a ring configuration in round sedimentation tanks. GEA combines the advantages of parallel-plate separation technology with the benefits of round sedimentation tanks – and thereby provides the solution for which the market has long been waiting.

The 2H TUBEdek® lamella separator especially shows its potential where existing settlement tanks are overloaded and where there is no room for further expansion. The simple formula for solution here is: enlargement of capacity by enlargement of the sedimentation area and, in turn, of the sedimentation capacity of the existing tanks. In this way, for example, it is possible to increase the sedimentation area of a 20-meter tank quite simply from 300 to over 1,000 m² by the use of the 2H TUBEdek® lamella settlers

2H TUBEdek® lamella clarifier technology is especially used to remove abrasive materials in the treatment of potable water. Installed before the first filter stage, the 2H TUBEdek® product range reliably separates greater amounts of solids and particularly operates cost-effectively in such applications.

The best feature of this GEA 2H technology is that there are various possibilities to install lamella clarifiers in round tanks, depending on the particular case of application. In addition to ring installation with tangential direction, the modules can also be installed like cut pieces of cake. The modules are radially placed in round tanks, without dead space, and with overlapping of the edge profiles. The result is enlargement of the effective sedimentation area by up to a factor of ten. This architecture of the lamella clarifiers works for tanks with diameters between 5 and 20 m.

Even for very small round facilities GEA has an economical solution: the inner structure of the parallel-configured tube packages guarantees the required stability, also for circular cuts with at the same time minimal requirements for the fixings and supports of the lamellae. THEREFORE: Even small treatment
plants can still take advantage of the benefits of round tanks – which especially reduces costs for the tanks drastically. Round sedimentation systems enable cone-shaped hoppers instead of rectangular-shaped hoppers: a benefit that enables considerably more effective sludge removal.

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