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We are a leading global manufacturer of heat exchangers, with one of the largest selections of heat exchangers in the world. We are a well-known partner in many industries. Our team is continually working on creating smart, reliable and sustainable solutions for our customers. Do you want to make an impact and shape the future with us? Then join our team!

Professionals & Managers

Do you already have a number of years in your profession? Are you an outstanding management professional or an experienced specialist in your field, and are you looking for a new challenge?

We offer you exciting, varied and challenging assignments. You could actively develop processes and innovative products in an internationally leading technological group. We promote the long-term potential of everyone who works with us, providing them with goal-oriented career opportunities as specialists and management professionals.

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Students & Graduates

Get a taste of working life – as an intern, working student or master’s level candidate – and see if we could be your future employer.
As a young professional, you can be certain that we will take good care of you and ensure you receive focused induction and on-the-job training. This will enable you to take on greater responsibility step by step. 

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High school students

Are you about to finish school or already graduated? Kelvion offers great opportunities for young people. An apprenticeship provides a solid foundation for your future career and exciting prospects in many areas including  commercial and technical.

Our training program prepares you for future specialist or project management assignments. By learning on the job, you gain valuable experience from the start and get to know about neighboring function areas, so that you can comprehensively understand your job. You will network throughout the company in regular meetings with other trainees. A foreign assignment will complete your international qualification. 

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One of us
One of our company values is One Kelvion. But we have many stories to share. Get to know our colleagues and hear about their journeys.
Aditi Verma (Market Manager Global Sales & Solutions)
“My job as a Market Manager Global Sales & Solutions gives me the opportunity to be involved in innovation. You must always be up to date on technology to stay at the forefront of the new real-world challenges. The market is moving towards a sustainable and independent heating method. We are embracing this transition with our heat pump technology, and I feel proud to be a part of it.”
Aditi Verma (Market Manager Global Sales & Solutions)
Stefan Kleinjung (Head of Product Line Management Machine Cooling Systems (MCS) & PMO Manager MCS)
“What sets Kelvion apart is the team's unwavering commitment to driving the company forward and taking it to the next level. This aligns perfectly with my own goals and my ambition to drive innovation and business development.”
Stefan Kleinjung (Head of Product Line Management Machine Cooling Systems (MCS) & PMO Manager MCS)
Natalia Wendland (Manager Market Intelligence)
“I appreciate that my work allows me to directly contribute to the sustainability of the company. Collaborating with my colleagues, we strive to attract environmentally conscious businesses as our future customers, particularly those engaged in wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen production, geothermal power, hydropower, biomass, waste-to-energy, and many more.”
Natalia Wendland (Manager Market Intelligence)
Minh Vu Nguyen (Head of Commercial Order Processing and the Export Control Officer)
“When I applied for the apprenticeship, I immediately noticed that the apprentices were heavily involved in the application process and could take on responsible tasks. The apprentices were responsible for running the assessment centre and were also able to report on their experiences and impressions of the industrial clerk apprenticeship. This gave me a very transparent and open insight into the training paths at Kelvion. It helped me in my decision to choose Kelvion as my training company. The transparency and open exchange within the team is still part of our corporate culture today.”
Minh Vu Nguyen (Head of Commercial Order Processing and the Export Control Officer)
Suzan Aliakar (Director Global Sales & Solution MCS)
“Despite Kelvion’s global reach, the local sites maintain a sense of familiarity and closeness, creating a perfect blend of technology and internationality while preserving the local atmosphere. My position at Kelvion offers an exceptional mix of qualities that keep me challenged and fulfilled.”
Suzan Aliakar (Director Global Sales & Solution MCS)
Li Junwei (mechanical major student)
“It is great to the have the opportunity to make use of my knowledge from university, apply it in practice and learn even more”
Li Junwei (mechanical major student)
Viola Jeyajeevan (PMO Manager Sales & Service)
“I will continue to seek out challenges to encounter new versions of myself along the way and Kelvion’s flexibility and versatility provide me with the freedom to do so.”
Viola Jeyajeevan (PMO Manager Sales & Service)
Hanasyafini Yusoff ( Sales Manager)
“Being results-oriented, I take pride in the fact that my job actively aids other businesses' sustainability. Through the efforts of my team and me, our clients consume less energy and generate reduced waste.”
Hanasyafini Yusoff ( Sales Manager)
Aditi Verma
Aditi Verma (Market Manager Global Sales & Solutions)

After studying a master’s degree in chemical engineering at the University at Buffalo in New York, Aditi Verma (30) started her career with Kelvion as an Application Engineer in York, Pennsylvania. In 2021, she joined the Global Sales and Solution team as the Market Manager for Data Center, Refrigeration, and HVAC. As a part of the GSS team, she supports them on their projects globally and is involved in multiple projects with tight deadlines.

  1. Why did you decide to join the heat exchanger industry?
    During the master's degree, I did my research in thermodynamics transport analysis, which is very closely related to the fundamentals of designing heat exchange solutions. So, I wanted to put the knowledge that I gained during my thesis or my background into practise and this industry. It's about providing efficient solutions not only to the existing applications, but you must always be up to date on technology so that you can stay at the forefront of the new real-world challenges. As an engineer, this also gives me the opportunity to be involved in that innovation.
  2. Give us a glimpse into your daily work routine. What do you enjoy? What is important to you?
    As Market Manager GSS, I support multiple projects globally. Currently, I am US based and I really love working with my international team which often requires flexible time schedules. Kelvion provides us with flexible working conditions - be it in terms of times, but also locally. I regularly have some overlap with my German colleagues, so I do half time German time and half time US time. Further, Management is easily approachable when support is needed, creating a trustworthy environment and helps towards career advancement.
  3. How does your role as Market Manager GSS contribute to the ongoing energy transition?
    Europe and the US are the forerunners in the heat pump industry. Currently, heat pumps are aggressively being required by our customer base. Because I work with the Refrigeration and HVAC markets as well, we are in this transition phase where the market is moving towards a very sustainable and independent heating method which is the heat pump. And these can be used for all commercial applications like heating, cooling businesses, buildings, swimming pools and that's basically my day to day designing. In fact, we have developed and launched our high-pressure laser welded cassette product line which is specifically for the heat pump market. With this, we are trying to embrace this transition and I feel really proud to be a part of this.
  4. Why did you opt for Kelvion?
    Kelvion has also supported me in my journey from the day I entered the industry after graduation. Technically, it gave me access to real-world applications and associated problems. At Kelvion, we not only try to understand how these problems impact the systems and but also devise solutions for them. The vibrant and dynamic solutions portfolio, the global footprint and intercompany/inter BU interactions were highly attractive for me. I think it gives an individual like me an option to explore different areas (technical or non-technical) and enhance my sphere of knowledge which otherwise could be limited.

    Kelvion gave me exposure to markets across the globe. So, I learnt a lot about how to look at problems from a global perspective. This also helped me improve my communication skills, manage my tasks better, be detail oriented and to be calm when a conflicting situation arises. All the skills that I now utilise in my personal life as well. 
Stefan Kleinjung
Stefan Kleinjung (Head of Product Line Management Machine Cooling Systems (MCS) & PMO Manager MCS)

Based in Herne, Germany, Stefan Kleinjung is the Head of Product Line Management MCS & PMO Manager MCS. With a background in Engineering and an MBA degree, Stefan has a passion for digitalization and is a part-time lecturer on "business model innovation & digitalization" at the FOM university.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the heat exchanger industry?
Heat exchangers play a substantial role in our daily lives - from power generation and transportation to food and beverage production. Although seemingly basic, they are highly sophisticated products, making the industry an intriguing field to work in. This is precisely why I decided to pursue a career in the heat exchanger industry and join Kelvion. In particular, Kelvion is a company that is focused on the future and is home to a team of exceptional individuals, from the shop floor to the upper management. Although it is a large company, it is still of a size where individuals can have a direct impact and help shape the company's direction and future. What sets Kelvion apart is the team's unwavering commitment to driving the company forward and taking it to the next level. This aligns perfectly with my own goals and ambition to drive innovation and business development.

What does your current position entail?
For me, every day is different – I work on multiple projects focused on the development of a customer-centric, forward-thinking product portfolio suitable for the future. The key to success here is to empower my team to effectively carry out their responsibilities. I take pleasure in my job because it enables me to foster business development and innovation with enthusiastic colleagues in a global environment. Further, we act in a very dynamic industry as we are in a phase of change. This is really exciting for me as the ongoing energy transition significantly affects numerous core applications we supply. In product line management, our focus is on identifying emerging trends associated with it and discovering the most effective solutions for our customers' challenges. This includes developing heat exchangers for waste heat recovery, NOx and methane slip reduction, and even for electric (battery) trains. It goes without saying that we also strive to make our own products more sustainable by implementing design changes and optimizing our production processes.

In what ways did Kelvion shape your personal and professional growth?
Kelvion placed confidence in me right from the start, and my line managers were excellent mentors whom I could learn from. As a result, I was promoted to Head of Product Line Management for MCS within about two years. Additionally, the HR department gave me the chance to participate in the Network Future program to develop the next generation of leaders. Network Future is a one-year program designed to nurture young talents. C-Level selects approximately ten participants from Kelvion worldwide annually, and the project topic changes every year.

Natalia Wendland
Natalia Wendland (Manager Market Intelligence)

Natalia Wendland, 30, had the opportunity to study in various countries, including Portugal, Poland, Germany and the US. Her passion for languages, social skills, and analytical abilities led her to join Kelvion in 2020, where she was eager to use these skills. Natalia is particularly interested in technical solutions, which motivated her to apply to Kelvion as a working student. Later, she became the Manager of Market Intelligence.

What is your current role? 
As the Manager of Market Intelligence, I am responsible for keeping up with the latest market trends. I appreciate that my work allows me to directly contribute to the sustainability of the company. Collaborating with my colleagues, we strive to attract environmentally conscious businesses as our future customers, particularly those engaged in wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen production, geothermal power, hydropower, biomass, waste-to-energy, and many more. But I also explore new, innovative, and sustainable applications where our products could be applied in the future.

What is your favorite aspect of working in this position? 
I find great satisfaction in the diverse range of responsibilities that my role offers. From engaging with people worldwide to analyzing and tracking market trends, customer demands, and competitor activities, every day brings a new set of challenges. What excites me the most is the opportunity to discover emerging trends in such a big industry and observe changes in customer needs and new business opportunities. Despite having an engineering background in a different field, I've always found technical solutions fascinating. What I find particularly intriguing about Kelvion is that heat exchangers are ever-present in virtually every aspect of our lives and all markets. I enjoy the international aspect of my work, collaborating with colleagues from all over the world, and being able to communicate in various languages. I also appreciate the close working relationship I have with our company's management - I am constantly learning and gaining invaluable experience from them.

How are you growing alongside Kelvion?
Kelvion brought me on board as a working student in Market Intelligence, providing me with the opportunity to learn valuable skills that I continue to use in my daily work. I collaborated with Kelvion on my master's thesis and successfully graduated. I then advanced to become a Manager in Market Intelligence. I am currently part of the Network Future program, which is designed to nurture young talents and spans over a period of one year. The C-Level selects around 10 participants annually, and the project topic changes every year. My academic background in "International Management & Information Systems" has proven to be very beneficial for this program - having already learned management theory, the practical skills I am acquiring through the Network Future program will enable me to assume leadership roles in the future and successfully manage complex international projects. So, I can definitely say that I am growing with Kelvion.

ِWhich Kelvion value resonates the most with you?
Kelvion fosters a collaborative and supportive culture. As the Manager Market Intelligence with a global and interdisciplinary role, I strongly identify with the "One Kelvion " value. I work closely with colleagues from different regions, Business Units, and positions, operating in a symbiotic relationship. While I provide diverse analysis, I frequently rely on their in-depth product knowledge to start my work or understand the topic. I trust in the support of experienced colleagues, and I am always eager to reciprocate their help. My colleagues are intelligent, motivated experts who are passionate about their work and consistently share their knowledge and experience.

Minh Vu Nguyen
Minh Vu Nguyen (Head of Commercial Order Processing and the Export Control Officer)

Minh Vu Nguyen, (31) joined Kelvion in 2013. After completing his training as an industrial clerk at the Sarstedt site, he has been working in the commercial order processing and export department, not only acting as an interface to ensure the correct processing of our customers’ orders, but also as the first point of contact for international customers and partners.

  1. What was your first impression of Kelvion when you applied in 2013?
    When I applied for the apprenticeship, I immediately noticed that the apprentices were very involved in the application process and took on responsible tasks. For example, we were prepared and supervised by trainees at the assessment center, which every applicant had to go through. Then, after finishing the assessment center successfully, we also had the opportunity to exchange with the apprentices. This way, I got a very transparent and open insight into the vocational training paths at Kelvion. That helped me decide on Kelvion as my training company. The transparency and open exchange within the team is still part of our corporate culture today.
  2. How did your apprenticeship go?
    The vocational training itself was very comprehensive. I went through all the departments, from goods receiving to shipping and work preparation. I really liked this cross-functional experience, and I benefited from it during my apprenticeship. It allowed me to build up a broad range of skills and to choose an area in which I would like to specialize after my apprenticeship. In my case, I chose order processing with a focus on exports. However, the link to production was also very exciting for me. It allowed me to understand the link between production and commercial processes.
  3. Today you work in order processing/export. Why did you decide to focus on this area? 
    After working in commercial order processing/export for a while, I took an additional qualification as a customs specialist. I was given time off for this additional qualification so that I could concentrate fully on it. Taking a break from the operational side of the business for this additional qualification helped me a lot because the study period was very intense.

    Since 2020, I have been working as the deputy head of commercial order processing and have since been able to grow into leadership roles. At the end of 2022, I took on the role of the Head of Commercial Order Processing and the Export Control Officer. This involves ensuring compliance with export control policies, taking into account current foreign trade regulations and deciding whether or not a product requires an export control licence. As an interface, we communicate internally with the relevant departments, such as Sales, Work Preparation, Production and Shipping department, in order to provide customers with well-founded information on the status of our orders. For me, the most exciting part of our department is still working with international partners and getting to know many different cultures from all over the world and having such a great team in the commercial order processing department to come to work with and share the working day with.
Suzan Aliakar
Suzan Aliakar (Director Global Sales & Solution MCS)

Being fascinated by technology from a young age, Suzan Aliakar 33, was destined for a technical career. She attended a technical gymnasium and later studied environmental process engineering, during which time she had the opportunity to be an intern at Kelvion. Her positive experience led her to write her bachelor's thesis on double tube systems, which she completed while working with the company. While writing her thesis, Suzan had access to the company's factory and had her own test stand where she could assemble heat exchangers with different materials and conduct testing.

How has Kelvion supported your career ambitions?
Kelvion has been instrumental in nurturing my passion for technical knowledge. After my studies in 2015, I joined the company as a Sales Engineer for Double Tube Heat Exchangers, where I stayed for five years. In 2019, to my surprise, I was invited to join the Network Future program despite my relatively short time at the company. It was exciting to get such an opportunity at such a young age. The one-year Network Future program is designed to nurture young talents. The management selects approximately ten participants from Kelvion worldwide annually, and the project topic changes every year. The skills I acquired through the program equipped me with practical leadership skills, allowing me to successfully manage complex international projects and assume a leadership role. In March 2020, I assumed the position of Director Sales for Double Tube Systems, drawing on my skills from the Network Future program and external leadership training. Over the years, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, and have been entrusted with managing three departments and 14 employees. Recently, I was also given responsibility for the Transformer Cooling Systems and Traction Transformer Cooling Systems Sales Teams, further emphasizing Kelvion's confidence in my abilities and I am truly grateful for the opportunities provided by the company to strengthen my personal and professional growth.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?
From the outset of my studies, I was supported and encouraged by Kelvion, and this support has continued throughout my career development. What I particularly enjoy about my current role is the close-knit relationship with my colleagues and the familiar atmosphere, along with the opportunity to work on innovative and customizable products such as the double tube heat exchangers. I am involved in the entire process from product selection to sales, which enables me to build relationships with customers and participate in the creation of new products. This comprehensive approach to product development keeps me engaged and motivated. I really value the international nature of the company, which fosters strong connections with colleagues worldwide and provides opportunities to work with customers from diverse cultures. Despite Kelvion’s global reach, the local sites maintain a sense of familiarity and closeness, creating a perfect blend of technology and internationality while preserving the local atmosphere. My position at Kelvion offers an exceptional mix of qualities that keep me challenged and fulfilled. 

How does your role contribute to supporting customers’ quest for more environmentally friendly solutions?
I find it most rewarding when customers visit our site, and we can showcase our production capabilities to them. This allows us to establish a personal connection and demonstrate the value of our products firsthand. Rather than simply supplying heat exchangers, we work in partnership with customers to optimize their processes and develop new concepts that align with their sustainability objectives. In the marine industry, for example, we collaborate closely with customers to explore solutions for greener ship motors in line with the goals of the International Maritime Organization. The organization set the challenging target of decreasing greenhouse gases by 50% by the year 2050. Our heat exchangers play a key role in this transition. LNG, for example, is one of the newer green fuels used for ships in dual fuel motors. In the process of making LNG usable as fuel, our double tube and single tube systems have already been used as components. We have also been experimenting with other green fuels such as ammonia and methanol. In the transformer cooling group, we have already made strides in supporting sustainable transportation with our delivery of pumps for electric trains. Overall, our relationships with customers are centered on building strong partnerships and providing innovative solutions that align with their sustainability goals.

Li Junwei
Li Junwei (mechanical major student)

Li Junwei (23) is a mechanical major student at Anhui Information Engineering College. He is fascinated by heat exchanger technology - especially in view of the ongoing energy transition. An internship in the Project Department at Kelvion in Wuhu (China) was therefore the perfect opportunity to extend his knowledge.

  1. Why did you join the heat exchanger industry? 
    I think the heat exchanger industry has a bright future. Due to the continuous development of technology, the requirements are changing continuously, and heat exchangers will enter more industries. And, because of global temperature changes, heat exchangers will be used in areas that would not otherwise need them. So, the demand is rising continuously. Our products play a key role in the ongoing energy transition and, as new energy will demand the transformation of the heat exchanger technology, we need to implement new projects according to new products. I am proud to be part of that transition.
  2. What attracted you to join Kelvion? 
    Kelvion offers great benefits, team harmony, and great potential for personal growth and professional development. What stands out to me most is that I am moved by the competent and responsible spirit of the staff, who give their best every day. Further, the company has a perfect medical expense reimbursement system for employees, which provides employees with attractive working conditions.
  3. How did you develop as a person and as an hx expert during your internship?
    To teach new employees we have a mentoring program to train students' autonomy and development. For me personally, it is great to have the opportunity to make use of my knowledge, apply it in practice and therewith learn even more. I learned more about the function of mechanical parts, learned a lot of knowledge that could not be obtained from books, had a deeper understanding of my major, and understood my shortcomings in my mechanical major, which gave me a direction for learning.
Viola Jeyajeevan
Viola Jeyajeevan (PMO Manager Sales & Service)

Viola Jeyajeevan joined Kelvion as an apprentice in 2015 and steadily advanced, taking on various roles within the company. After completing her apprenticeship, she began her career as an HR coordinator before moving to a new challenge in IT In-house Consultant Project Management. Currently, Viola, still only 26, finds herself in yet another demanding role, as the PMO Manager Sales & Service.

What were your ambitions when you were younger?
I was thinking about my future and exploring potential apprenticeship options and I was intrigued by Kelvion’s global presence and international reach. My aspiration was to be part of a multinational corporation that offered plenty of opportunities and Kelvion seemed like the perfect fit. I've always been fascinated by different cultures and people, and I wanted to find a way to merge that with my interest in business. I made the decision to join Kelvion with the belief that it would provide me with many paths for professional and personal growth.


Has your aspiration come true?
Definitely - as PMO Manager for Sales & Service, I collaborate with colleagues from various regions. In addition to working with Kelvion’s leadership team, I also get to work on strategic projects and connect with individuals from all around the globe. Combining my professional goals with my passion for diverse cultures has been wonderful.


What makes Kelvion stand out from other companies in supporting career development?
I think my passion for challenges is evident in my drive to seek them out. This is precisely what draws me to Kelvion and sets it apart from other companies.
If you express interest in a particular area, Kelvion provides you with opportunities and training to prove yourself. I’m thankful for the amount of knowledge and personal growth that I’ve already gained and will continue to do so in the future.
The company has shown confidence in me, given me support and offered me numerous paths for development. I will continue to seek out challenges to encounter new versions of myself along the way and Kelvion’s flexibility and versatility provide me with the freedom to do so.


Do you think Kelvion was the right choice for you as a young person to join the business world and would you have done anything differently?
Kelvion was always supportive and remains dedicated to developing employees - including me, for example, during my part-time studies.
I have been fortunate enough to pursue my interests and make changes when I felt the need to switch things up, resulting in a satisfying career thus far. While many individuals find themselves becoming bored with their jobs after only a few years, Kelvion keeps me intrigued by allowing me to continuously reinvent myself and take on new challenges.

I can be, make and drive change, challenge myself and the company. I would 100% choose Kelvion and this path again.

Hanasyafini Yusoff
Hanasyafini Yusoff ( Sales Manager)

Hanasyafini Yusoff, a 39-year-old Sales Manager in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pursued a career in mechanical engineering as it provided her with the opportunity to witness tangible outcomes of her work, unlike many other professions. In 2007, she obtained her degree and subsequently worked in various companies, primarily in sales and service engineering roles within industries such as oil and gas and power generation.

What motivated you to pursue a career as a sales and service engineer?

I always wanted to see the direct impact of my work. As a mechanical engineer, I found it particularly satisfying to be able to observe the immediate outcomes of my efforts and identify areas that required additional attention through maintenance and service. Furthermore, I was drawn to the prospect of directly influencing the success of the company through my sales performance. As someone who values results and enjoys being part of a team that drives growth, I felt that a position as a sales and service engineer would be the best fit for me.
I wanted to be in a position that would allow me to apply my interests and skills in a way that aligns with my values and ambitions.


What attracted you to enter the heat exchanger industry, and later join Kelvion?

Prior to joining the heat exchanger industry, I worked as a product manager for pumps in Malaysia. Seeking a new challenge, I decided to transition into the heat exchanger industry and test my knowledge in this field. I appreciated the opportunity to learn something new and apply my skills to a completely different set of products and customer demands.

In 2021, I joined Kelvion because I was drawn to the company's diverse range of products. Unlike my previous job, where I only focused on one product line, Kelvion offered me the chance to expand my responsibilities and familiarize myself with a wider range of products.
I was excited by the prospect of overseeing customer locations throughout Southeast Asia, rather than just in Malaysia as I did before.

At Kelvion, there is always something new to learn, whether it's about customers in different countries or how to meet their specific requirements. The company provides opportunities for growth and development, including training programs and the option to pursue new roles within the organization. I am thrilled to be part of such a dynamic company and look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my role.


What are your responsibilities and favorite aspects of your current job?

I spend 60% of my time traveling to other countries, primarily to meet new clients and assess their sales and service needs. This provides me with an opportunity to witness the customer's issues firsthand and offer solutions. Afterwards, I discuss the site conditions with my colleagues to determine the best approach for achieving the client's goals.

In addition, managing agents has been an exciting new challenge for me. I directly manage three agents and indirectly manage two others. I conduct monthly meetings to understand their challenges and learn about potential new prospects. We also have an annual summit where we meet with all agents to discuss our business development plans.

I find it fascinating to explore what clients want in a product and analyze their specifications to determine their actual needs. My job provides me with the opportunity to consult with clients and collaborate with them to optimize their plans and concepts, rather than simply supplying a product. This aspect of my job is particularly fulfilling.


How do you perceive your present role and its impact on the future?

Being results-oriented, I take pride in the fact that my job actively aids other businesses' sustainability. My team and I are committed to helping customers to become greener by consuming less energy and reducing waste.

By servicing heat exchangers, we considerably improve their energy efficiency, which in turn prevents potential expenses like those arising during production halts.

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