Heat Exchanger inspection

Reduce costs & secure long-term operations

Having your heat exchanger professionally inspected on a regular basis can have tremendous advantages for you: By inspecting and performing maintenance work in regular intervals, our experienced technicians ensure that your heat exchanger is performing at maximum capacity and in compliance with the latest safety laws and regulations. At the same time, costs are significantly reduced, and the lifetime of your heat exchanger extended.

Heat exchanger inspection to prevent downtimes

Keeping operations running smoothly in the long-run is worth cash money. Plate heat exchangers, for example, are a central component of the production line and often continuously operating throughout the year. Reconditioning your heat exchanger regularly will ensure smooth operations and longer-term productivity. Unscheduled downtimes, on the other hand, can impact your operations negatively, especially if they are due to a malfunction that may have been preventable.

Heat exchanger inspection and supplementary services:

Kelvion's expert technicians will support you in the planning of all necessary maintenance work and provide complete and precise assessments of your systems. Our trained experts perform leakage tests and will apply corrosion protection to your heat exchanger, whenever needed.

Would you like your heat exchangers to be monitored and tested on a regular basis? We are happy to advise you with a service concepts that is specifically customized to your needs. At your request, we can also provide heat exchanger trainings for your in-house team, to deepen their competence and heat exchanger know-how. Our on-site mobile service, specifically our heat exchanger upgrades and replacements service, all serve to maximize and secure your topnotch performance, long-term.

Within the scope of your individual heat exchangers service-package, you may also benefit from additional services. Your advantage: Kelvion as your one-stop shop for:


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