Heat exchanger repair services

Our technicians ensure smooth operations

An unscheduled standstill can have unpleasant financial consequences on your operation. In case of an emergency, our skilled technicians and engineers will respond quickly to your needs. We don’t let quality take the back seat. Our repair work – whether on-site or at our service centers – always complies with Kelvion’s high-quality standards. Yet heat exchange repairs are only part of our extensive service portfolio.

Our maintenance and repair services are also available for the following products:

Our experts are at your disposal with individually tailored service solutions: from commissioning heat exchangers, to assembly and maintenance of equipment as well as the procurement and installation of suitable heat exchanger replacement parts.

What additional heat exchanger repair services does Kelvion offer?

To avoid unscheduled downtime, we recommend the following services:

  • Reconditioning your heat exchanger

Our technicians start by degumming and cleaning the components of your heat exchanger. A UV test helps to detects possible breakages, followed by the relining of glued panels and gaskets. At the end of the reconditioning process, our technicians reassemble the treated panels and compile a test report, including documentation on your heat exchanger.

  • Leakage test

In order to prevent possible leakages, we have developed a test procedure to help detect material fatigue early on. Here, a special forming gas is introduced into the closed heat exchanger unit, which helps to locate even the tiniest of hairline cracks.

Additional Kelvion services as part of heat exchanger repairs:

  • Heat exchanger maintenance
  • Removal of fouling inside the heat exchanger (cleaning of deposits)
  • Corrosion protection for your heat exchanger
  • Heat exchanger troubleshooting
  • Quick response and support services, on-site and at our service centers


*(+) Please dial UIFN international access code

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