Heat exchanger upgrades and replacement of individual components

Prevent downtimes & benefit from top services

Meeting our customer’s needs is our highest priority and always at the center of our work. Especially when individual heat exchanger components have become obsolete or an upgrade is indispensable, our expert technicians will assist you.

Our service portfolio covers an extensive range of services, all of which aim to support our customers in the best ways possible:

  • We recondition your heat exchanger – to avoid potential downtimes
  • Our advisory services for heat exchanger upgrades and repairs always aim to increase your process efficiency
  • In case of an emergency, we respond quickly - so that your operations aren’t compromised
  • Our mobile services perform heat exchanger upgrades and repairs directly on-site
  • We provide comprehensive assessments and provide the relevant spare parts - should individual components have become obsolete
  • In keeping your heater exchanger’s continual improvement in mind, we also offer integrated heat exchanger consultations, trainings for your staff, heat exchanger inspections and repairs
  • Starting with the commissioning of heat exchangers, our services support you along the complete product life-cycle - putting you and your operations on the safe side long-term

CTI | a Kelvion company

CTI is the global leader in repairing and restoring heat exchanger tubes and providing increased reliability to damaged or new equipment.
With its CTI Shield/Seals™ or Full Length Tube Liners damaged as well as leaking tube ends and tubes can be restored in a very cost saving and sustainable way.

Discover the benefits of our heat exchanger upgrade and replacement services:

When a heat exchanger upgrade is required, our experienced technicians will suggest the appropriate equipment and replacement measures. Based on your individualized service package, which is specifically tailored to your company’s needs, our trained technicians provide expert advice on replacing stressed parts to keep your operations running smoothly.

The combination of individual customer consultation and innovative service solutions, which are in compliance with the latest safety regulations and laws, allows us to deliver the heights service quality. Our heat exchanger parts and services aim to optimize your operational procedures, increase your profitability and maximize the capacity of your systems.

Our professional service technicians are trained to act in a reliable, responsible and transparent manner. Likewise, they round off our service portfolio by combining their expertise in our own products with their wide-ranging experience servicing other brands. Let our expertise and high-quality standards be an advantage to you.


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