Groovy Tube

Air Fin Cooler - ALU

Groovy© fins have a grooved profile allowing an improvement in heat exchange of 8% to 15% for the same power consumption. Their pioneering and patented shape channels the air around the tube, maximizing the exchange surface. Products fitted with Groovy© fins require less space and use 10% less electricity. While enhancing the performance, the Groovy Fins have still provide optimal fouling resistance and cleaning capability. Groovy Fins cause CAPEX / OPEX savings by increasing existing capacity with the same plot. Also they decrease the AFC cost for a given capacity and reduce the plot area on grassroot projects. A patent was finalized for the Groovy fin.


  • Less plot area
  • Less concrete rack constrction
  • Less piping
  • Less cabling / Wiring
  • Less pipe rack modules
  • Less transportation costs
  • Less site works
  • Less OPEX

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